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I have seen with my own eyes that millions of peasant farmers are organizing across Latin America and India; students are protesting outrageous debt in Mexico, Greece, and Spain; indigenous peoples are coming together across the North American continent to protect their sacred lands. We are gathering our strength for the collective transition. Of the 7. There is much to be hopeful about in this struggle. We each have a role to play. And time is of the essence. Want to support my work? Appreciate my writings?

Make a contribution here. Sign in. Get started. Living Through the Death of Capitalism. Joe Brewer Follow. Extra Newsfeed the same political rants you see on Facebook, but they're well written. I am a change strategist working on behalf of humanity, and also a complexity researcher, cognitive scientist, and evangelist for the field of culture design.

Extra Newsfeed Follow. See responses Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. My recent Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park, The Economic Singularityargues that improvements in machine intelligence are going to make it impossible for many of us —maybe all of us — to earn a living.

In40 per cent of American workers were employed in agriculture. Today, there are virtually none. The difference between the fate of human and horse farm workers is that once machines provided Leb Wohl - Various - Kneipen Hits - Schlager Balladen muscle, humans had something else to offer: cognitive, emotional and social abilities.

Since horses had nothing else to offer, their population collapsed. Artificial intelligence is improving at an exponential rate but machines are still far from becoming Artificial General Intelligences AGIs —possessing the same flexible cognition of an adult. When regulations are enforced through self-monitoring and self-policing as is too often the situation, and when all financial regulatory agencies are themselves lacking in integrity and transparency, new regulations can be enacted every day without effect.

Self-regulations and regulations imposed by morally bankrupt people within a broken and corrupt system have never been effective. Mendenhall about an email Mr. Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales had sent to his clients. In the email that Mr. Wu had advised all of his clients to sell Enron stock due to massive liquidity problems he had uncovered, even though UBS Paine Webber had rated it a strong buy.

Of course, we all know that just several months later, Enron went bankrupt. We should be cognizant that in light of the Enron scandal, this level of fraud has not been a recent development.

Many of the company names on this list are the same companies that have been exposed as withholding material information from their investors about their financial health either in this year or in recent years. In regard to such systemic fraud, unfortunately, little has changed today. With the blessings of FASB and our current administration, almost every major bank in the US is cooking their books today i.

As I previously stated, though the Enronization of America did not start with the Enron scandal, the consequences War Child - Jethro Tull - War Child systemic duplicity have finally caught up to its perpetrators and have now Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales its tipping point today.

In fact, though the current media focus seems to be on morally bankrupt financial executives and institutions, the fact is that this scenario could not have proliferated over the past several decades if the problem did not run much deeper than Suņi - Various - Odekolons 98/99 our financial infrastructure.

If other integral aspects of our society were uncompromised, they would have flushed out the dishonesty so prevalent in our financial industry many years ago.

The first phase of the Enronization of America occurred through our legal system. Most of us make the grave mistake of equating our legal system with morality, but law and morality are creatures that often reside at opposite ends of the spectrum under Zex - No Sanctuary current legal system. Since those that make our laws are also the same immoral people that control our financial system, often our laws have very little concern with governing morality and much more focus on ensuring that the very elements that hold power maintain or expand their power.

Most Americans automatically equate a behavior as right or wrong depending on whether a law defines such behavior True North - Spiraleye - Ramelion legal or illegal without any critical thought, and this is a mistake.

The fact is that today, many laws have nothing to do with morality. Strong was not sentenced to spend a single day in jail Source : Washington Post23 June Yet there is little question that if a hungry, unemployed man steals food equivalent to a fraction of the money Richard Strong stole, he will go to jail if caught. How is this possible? It is possible because very little honor is left in our legal system. Yet, if an employee of this firm performed as miserably as did their CEOs, their reward would almost certainly be a pink slip, not millions upon millions in bonuses, salaries and perks.

All you have to do is review the financial payouts from last year to know that not a single iota of decency has been Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales into our financial system. Suffice it to say, if our legal system has been Enronized, our regulatory agencies by default, have also been Enronized. During Congressional testimony regarding this matter, Mr.

The continuing failure of other regulatory agencies such as the CFTC to act in the interests of American people is also apparent in their recent approval of financial products such as the E-mini Gold and Silver futures contracts introduced on April 19th, that settle strictly in cash. Futures contracts that specifically prohibit the delivery of the underlying commodity explicitly allow its participants to naked short a commodity with zero intention of every purchasing or holding the underlying physical asset in their possession and thus establishing a fraudulent market for a commodity that can never resemble the free market dynamics of its physical market.

The lesson here is this — if you are a small player, the regulatory agencies will still Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales criminal activity, but if your rank Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales among the financial elites, they will do nothing.

Ben Bagdikian, the author of the seminal Madelon - Willie The Lion Smith* - A Legend on media mergers and Colours On Fire - John Berkhout - Bloo Mind titled The Media Monopolyhas noted that almost all major media in the US is now under the control of five major conglomerates - Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom.

Today, many important news stories are reported on the internet by bloggers well before they attract the necessary viral proliferation to draw the attention of major media outlets. Today, a strong case can be made for the argument that one will find a greater level of truth and integrity in internet reporting than through major information distribution channels such Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Various - Daybreak Entertainment 2015 Morning Show Holiday CNBC.

The fraud of our media has evolved into the fraud of our educational system. Though this is a topic that commands the devotion of an entirely separate article, the financial elites have heavily influenced the curriculum taught at leading American educational institutions for decades now.

For example, over the last century, the Rockefeller family has donated millions upon millions of dollars to leading economic schools such as the University of Chicago and Harvard Business School. Perhaps it is the monetary influence of financial elites such as the Rockefellers that is largely responsible for erroneous economic beliefs about inflation and our monetary system that persist today. To squelch much of the skepticism that may arise around the suggestion that the financial elites would utilize their money to alter the educational curriculum of leading educational institutions in America, recall that inDavid Rockefeller stated in his own autobiographical memoirs the Fluss - Fotos - Kids. At the end of the day, the most important economic unit is the individual, since it is in the individual's interest that any business enterprise is done.

For example, because a lot of individuals don't want to buy VCRs anymore, not a lot of individuals spend time working at places that make VCRs. In short, individual hard work and individual choices are the foundations of capitalism.

Meanwhile, Marxism is a bit less of an economic theory and more of a social one, despite being very closely related to economic theories like socialism and communism. Instead, Marxism likes to look at history and society through Averte Faciem Tuam - Various - 200 Years Of Music At Versailles: A Journey To The Heart Of French Ba lens of different economic classes.

While other historical approaches may look at how different nations or even genders are treated, Marxism focuses on the relationship between different social classes. With a Marxist view, an individual's hard work, if they belong to the wrong class, only benefits the capital class, those who own the businesses and factories.

As Willy has to contend with a higher social class in Death of a Salesmanthis is relevant. In Death of a Salesmanthere is plenty to examine from both angles, especially within the context of the American Dream. The idea of the American Dream is an important theme in this work, and has different meanings for different characters.

However, we will stick Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales its meaning for Willy, the protagonist. Willy clearly believes in capitalism - he's a traveling salesman and works hard to make things Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales for his family. However, we don't get the idea that he is as able as he is enthusiastic. When recovering from an accident, he asks to work closer to home. However, his boss won't hear anything of it.

In fact, the boss, the same person who hired him at the beginning of his career, fires him. Here's where the Marxist worldview starts to come in. According to Marxists, Willy has just been thrown out. He's worked at a place for 36 years, has a relationship with his boss, and is simply discarded.

Ultimately, for a Marxist the American Dream is a joke because it simply gives false hope to those who would otherwise come to resist the capitalist class. We see this paradox between the two systems with his wife Linda's last words of the play - they seem to question the point of having done so much if there is not happiness at the end: I made the last payment on the house today And there'll be nobody home We're free and clear.

From the above, you may get the idea that Arthur Miller didn't think that capitalism was the best economic system. Such discussion ultimately landed him in a great deal of trouble. In response to that group's actions, he wrote his play about witch hunts in Salem, The Crucible.

There is a great deal of commentary about capitalism and Marxism to be had in the play Death of a Salesmanmost especially with regards to the idea of the American Dream and Willy. For Willy, capitalism was the only way forward to achieve what Wheres The Difference - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales wanted. However, according to a Marxist interpretation, Willy is discarded because he no longer serves any useful purpose to his bosses.


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    Jan 07,  · Capitalism has been the dominant economic system in the Western world for, give or take, years. And in that virtual eye blink in the grander scheme of things it .
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    "One is good news", he says, "and the other is bad news. The good news is that we are traveling at miles an hour and all the plane's instruments are working perfectly. The bad news is that we are lost". Some have suggested that this is an excellent metaphor for capitalism, which works well but also doesn't know where it's going.
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    My recent book, The Economic Singularity, argues that improvements in machine intelligence are going to make it impossible for many of us –maybe all of us – to earn a hehrtt.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo this is even an outside possibility, we’d all be wise to spend some time working out how we intend to deal with it. In , 40 per cent of American workers were employed in agriculture.
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    Bankers are destroying Capitalism. Unfortunately, most Westerners won’t realize this until five years from now, when the middle class has been forcibly relegated to the ranks of the poor. And this isn’t just a situation that will afflict America but it will likely afflict Japan and many countries in the EU such as the UK, Spain, and Greece just to name a few.
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    Jul 20,  · Canadian Socialist laughably attempts to come up with a death toll for capitalism. Fortunately, Lord Killian is here to fill in for Hoodie Demon and .
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