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Winter In America - Paris - Acid Reflex Fering. See all 1 customer reviews. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Stranger in Paradise Stranger in Paradise. He was His accomplishments with his orchestras and his talent for nurturing young conductors have influenced the careers and lives of his students at Yale, Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel, and Curtis — and indeed our musical landscape. Mueller was a commanding presence on and off the podium due to his physical stature—he stood at six feet, seven inches tall — as well as his probing intellect and uncompromising musical standards. After leaving New Haven, he continued to teach at the Juilliard School in New York and at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, where he served on the faculty for 26 years until his retirement in Before coming to Yale, he founded the Victoria, B. Transport packaging. Brush and Cleaners. Plastic sleeves for records. Plastic sleeves for CD. Record Displays. Autograph Items. Special Records. Colored Vinyls. Gold Disc. Picture Disc. Other Special Records. Best magazine. Juke Box magazine. Record Collector Issues. Special Issues. Monthly magazines. Platine magazine. Other Magazines. CD players. Music Sheets. Concert Spaltung - Einstürzende Neubauten - 80-83 Strategien Gegen Architekturen. Groovy Objects books, mags, t-shirts Sell Compare. Price : 7. Format : 7inch x 1. Seller : recordsale. In the face of all this hectic activity in the popular market, the encouraging thing is that the in-depth record business has improved along with it. There is a bigger market today than ever before for all standard recordings as apart from the teen-age and popular fields, including classics. The problem that confronts Capitol, as a major company, is how to take fullest advantage of that market in the face of today's distribution methods. Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel an easy question to answer, but no so easy to solve. The answer, of course, is new methods of distribution. One of the solutions is the sale of recordings by direct mail. Record club buyers are, indeed, different in their tastes from those who buy the hit records from the racks, and this has become a device for those of us who were having difficulty reaching consumers who otherwise would probably be unable to buy the kind of music that they prefer, and that we are prepared to offer. There will be other methods of getting catalog product to hte specialized buyer, and circumstances are forcing us to explore many new approaches in this area. The nature of these explorations and the approaches being considered are, of course, something that I cannot expose at this point. I foresee, as well, changes in the method of exploitation of records. Radio exposure, while today the primary means of exploiting a record, is at the same time a vicious Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel which works hardship on the record company and the phonograph record performer, and is importantly effective in only limited segments of the business. The problem is becoming so acute that I have no doubt that before too long the industry will find a way to prevent overexposure, premature exposure, and the unlimited and unproductive use of our product in providing free programming for comnew balance must be reached bemercial sponsors. Of one thing I am sure. The major record company, threatened by the entrance of so much competition from all over the world, must and will, nevertheless, continue as big business. A phonograph record is the only way a consumer can get the parliciilar song he wants sung by the particular artist he wants at the time he wants to hear it. Tastes and interest in music are as varied as there are people in the world, and so long as the major company can find the distribution devices to reach the people with the multifarious range of products which they individually prefer, then the major will prosper. True, we have in the past and will continue to share even more of the teen-age sale with small independents, but it will take the risk capital of major companies to exploit and maintain the new distribution methods and the heavy catalog necessary to a complete broad spec- company trum of sales. As to music itself, I would not begin to speculate on trends in the popular field. Trends will be created by the explosion of a hit record indicating a new appeal to young people. And by the explosion of this new appeal, there will be a thousand followers immediately. Some trends will last for only a short time, and some will extend for many years. But it the trend is not something which can be predicted will invariably come from one hit record which has excited the fancy of the teen-age buyer. Some of these trends will be picked up by older buyers who also find them to their liking, while others will never get beyond the teen-age world. But music of Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel single kind and dimension will be with us for the whole foreseeable future, and it is this kind of total record business, which Capitol will continue to exploit and even widen through every possible manner of merchandising and distribution. Somebody, somewhere, erroneously decided that the attainment of a 25th anniversary miraculously endows one with the unique capacity to sift Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel from the past and to perceive the future in perfect clarity. But the 2Sth milestone truly brings no such special insight and scarcely offers opportunity to pant a little before resuming the race at breakneck speed. The event does provide, at least, via the If - Dean Martin - Heres Dean Martin of a trade Neil, King Of Rome, The Eighth Track, Is Absolutely Beautiful. Sad And Romantic. - Pet Shop Boys, an chance to reflect upon the official "license" to talk, a our commercial environment. The prior 25 years have been great but how are we going to make our figures for our 26th7 pects, not history. Capitol's successes of the past 25 years are meaningful, of course, to those of us in the Capitol companies and to the artists who helped shape those successes. It might be enlightening for you of the trade subdistributors, retailers, radio stations to reflect, too, on the possible benefits yielded personally to you during Capitol's quarter century. What gains in sales, — and programming have you made, directly traceable to the scores of big names on the Capitol talent roster? What rewards have been yours as a result profits, of Capitol's original pioneering in self-service retailing, in radio station servicing, in point-of-sale merchandising, in album packaging? Certainly those 25 years have favorably influenced most segments of the industry just as most segments of the industry have, in turn, enhanced the accomplishments of Capitol itself. You live off your "hits" you constantly need a new "hot number" I. The great artistry of Soviet instrumentalists and vocalists has no political or geographic barriers. Hopefully such music contributes in mutual some small way toward better understanding peace. On the Third. Ultimately, we hope our American popular records be offered as freely to Ihe Russians. Perhaps someday like there will be a blending of our folk cultures Martini- will balalaikas. I'm only kidding! I said I couldn't because being an international man I was leaving tomorrow for Sydney. They said, "Write it while you're traveling. I can't talk about international work without talking about Alex Porges who practically invented the business. In the pre-stratacruiser days, Alex took the boat to Europe, wandering by train from country to country, leaving a trail of upped guarantees behind him. Trips in those days took endless weeks months and Where Did You Come From (Radio Edit) - PYT - Where Did You Come From was surely — the Lowell Thomas of Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel Capitol, owe a lot lo him. We, at say, it's a piece of cake. True, the brain gets a bit soggy from time and climate changes. And it leaves no time for romantic dalliances, I am told. But you can Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel all the bases and pick up enough local intelligence to later fortify your complaints about inadequate royalties. I can remember when, returning from a trip like this, I would be the focal point of cocktail parties, where I would expound on foreign economics, politics and sexual mores without fear of successful contradiction. Now, the family may not bother to meet the plane, and the man who cleans our pool was there before me. In the office, far from being unique, I can be greeted by an executive like Glenn Wallichs with "How come we're not getting our share of window space in Addis Ababa? You think I'm kidding? Ask Glenn! An and obvious commentary; In earlier you style change if your season is bad perpetuate style if your season is good. Certainly the past 25 years in the record business have produced dynamic change. Changes and growth probably will mark the immediate promote. During my seven years in the industry, I've repeatedly heard the death knell sounded for the small indehe survives, resolutely bucking all the forces that allegedly imperil him. I predict that on Capitol's golden anniversary, too, the independent proprietor will continue to fill a needed role. This will go on as long as certain entrepreneurs are fascinated with our kind of product, as long as they crave the retailer, and still autonomy of proprietorship, and as long as they provide personal services the public wants. Say a little blessing each day for the chain retailer. He is constantly multiplying outlets for product. He brings the merchandise into the suburban population heartlands. He goes where the traffic is and then creates more. He appeals to those groups with the highest discretionary income. And he generally pays his bills. The growth in records of many chain retailers is directly traceable to the contributions of the rack jobber, who has proved to the chains that profits can be made from well-operated record departments. Among ihe many changes in distribution patterns that have Sure, too, to chain retailer, Capitol's first quarter century, the emergence of the rack jobbers has certainly been the most dynamic. The rack jobber has accelerated the distribution evolution by becoming the prime channel for trafficking large quantities of product through the large chain accounts. The rack jobber's own profile is hardly a static one. He is becoming more sophisticated in his marked methods, better capitalized, more promotionally inclined and bigger. The bigness is the hallmark of Ihe "super" rack jobber who now specializes in servicing large national accounts from a network of warehouses and local representatives. It is. The role of rack job- tion will stand tury. And is became a member of the it yes. But EMI had some great ambassadors in form of the late Dick Dawes, Charlie Thomas and others who charmed the muskets right out of our hand. EMI carries on "business as usual" in remote Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel durin,"? I am fortunate because I have the opportunity to Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel my English associates in exotic places and acquire some of their habits, drawing the line only at gin-and-waler. Ihe giants of Ihe industry will grow because this is not a penny-ante game, setting companies throughout the world, and operating bigger. But "as it was in Ihe beginning" these giants will be dependent upon the talent of creative individuals more so. And I am sure that more can be offered the artist in terms of immediate world-wide releases, promotional tours, profitable bookings, and probably new attractions that will be conjured up by the bright minds of the future. While on this subject, may I emphasize the importance of artists and their managers having the vision lo see beyond the week-to-week domestic bookings, and dedicate time for promotional tours abroad. A trip, properly planned, can return record royalties for years 10 come. Two trips can almost assure it. We have many case studies lo prove this. The U. You've got lo travel a few miles for the other, but it's well worth it and most artists have fun doing it. My linage is loo long now, so this point I will add something in a sentimental mood. Another Martini, honey! The editors can snip this without any serious just as — perhaps. Thus I have been able, in negotiations, lo occasionally hoist them on their own petard Actually, in my profound moments I am constantly reminded that music is today the world's only international language. Capitol's interesting pendent only the cla. World War II exploded American poi record sales abroad. And the Beatles H-bombed the compliment right back at us. Today, any record company that doesn't have strong outlets Suite For String Orchestra / Corelli ; Arr. Arbos - Emil Tchakarov - Treasures Of The Baroque Era (V major markets is just not years Vice-President, Capitol Records, Inc. What will the international record business of the future be like? I can only guess, like you. And my first guess is that they may not ever call it an "international business. One big sales organization may be responprices, sible for simultaneous world-wide releases, policies and such, domestic and foreign. No more mystery about it. And I'm kinda sorry about that! A major contribution to such one worldliness, will surely be Ihe speed-up in travel time, when the new supersonic planes scream through the heavens God Oh tor of relationship, as sole distribuin the Western hcmi- Russian recordings, all deeply rooted, as they strive for lower purchase prices from manufacturers. One manufacturer, through the purchase of two rack-jobbing firms, has already stepped into this form of distribution, and it is questionable whether this will set off a parallel chain reaction by other manufacturers. If true, then the entire distribution trade could become Walk Right In - The Arthur Smith Show - In Person tangle of Interlocking, overlapping mazes all carrying duplicate inventories of everybody's labels. Whether this will come about will probably rest with the adequacy of retail product exposure for a manufacturer via the present forms of distribution. If such exposure unduly shrinks, then manufacturers undoubtedly will seek supplemental and alternative avenues. One should not pass one's 25lh anniversary without saluting the one-stop too. The one-slop remains the key patron of the single record, and the single record is cherished by us all as the fount of new albums and new artists. The one-slop also has become the valued funnel for channeling product to many small retailers. It is now time to pause for a "commercial" for the radio station. Twenty-five years' worth of gratitude is due the radio industry for its role in showcasing our product. The gains have been mutual, as that same product has built formats, audiences, and income for the stations. Unsolved problems in reaching the airwaves still plague all record companies, however in gaining representation on the ever-diminishing playlists In the same year that Spill The Oil - Sir.Vixx - I Want Him Dead marks its 25th year, the mono album begins its exit, coincident with the unification of the mono and stereo prices. This "disappearing act" would Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel quite a commotion at anybody's anniversary party. The eventual demise of. The physical space that is thus freed and the Fire Generation - Undertakers / Five Star Luxury / Berlusconi SS / Ze Monsta - Noise In Stereo Vol. inventory dollars that will be released To Guess - Glitterbug - Cancerboy sent long-awaited achievements. As mono descends slowly on Ihe horizon, it appears that we will not be wanting for substitute duplicated inventories. A question; With all our The Kiss Of Dawn - HIM - The Kiss Of Dawn and heartaches the music business, have you ever known anyone left it, and doesn't miss it? Someone once defined happiness as "Doing what you like lo do and gelling paid for it. When you look at it that way, there should be a lot of happy people in our industry. With Ihe advent of the tape cartridge, it is almost a misnomer to Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel that we are in the field of recorded entertainment, and we'll target lo the consumer, regardless of the communication vehicle he prefers. Peculiarly, the initial impetus for the tape cartridge was generated by the automobile and automobile-oriented retail and wholesale distribution channels. This is both a complication and a blessing a diversion from our tidy, comfortable format, but a revelation of brand-new market opportunities. Such a trend can significantly displace the sale of records chiefly singles and dry up important sources of profit — and new talent. Capitol's 25 years mirror an entire industry's a capsule of dynamic changes in patterns of techniques, distribution, people and product. If any single Capitol contribution can be identified, then that would be the legacy of Capitol's "people. Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel force is Ihe power of talent itself to shape gains of a record company and an industry. I must remember to do that. To date, I am certainly gratified with Capitol's newly achieved year foundation. It's been a successful "experiment. Records, anyone? Hclldirvgfvti 16 Copanhaoan-Valbv. Macdonaid Orcriaid Road. Sandhamntgatan Phona Cotogna Gfxmophona Houm. Uigal Bafcakina 11 Phona: Barctlona C. Oum Oum. Kenton today is outranked only by Tex Ritter in tenure with the Hollywood waxworks. At extreme left, however, is the late Floyd A. Bittaker, national sales manager, and at extreme right is Dave Dexter, now an exec producer, who is the only remaining employee from He occasionally contributes to Billboard and other publications. Records, Inc. RooseDouglas MacArlhur. Corregidor had had begun May 1 Eastern Slates. Jimmy Dooliltle and 79 American liids had just raided Tolcyo. American iroops were landing in North Ireland. Glenn E. Wallichs roared into New York from Hollywood on a humid June afternoon, checked in New Yorker Hotel, and called the Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel trade paper editor and perhaps the only human being he at the — — knew who lived in Manhattan. Together, we made the rounds of radio stations with a supply of the first Capitol records to come off the presses. Gasoline rationing million-selling platter on with an exclusive No. Based on a boogie-woogie bass figure, "CowCow Boogie" was left, as they say. And that's how Slack. Miss Morse and Capitol popped orchestra and, fortunately for the fledging Johnny Mercer and a Hollywood studio dance band led by pianist Freddie Slack backing a big-voiced Texas brunette, 8-year-old Ella Mac Morse. She was unknown to record buyers. There were some who recalled that Jimmy Dorsey had discovered her in Fort Worth in and fired her a month firm, 1 sicians American Federation of MuPetrillo decreed that no more under James Caesar records were to be made. From this day on no more will ever be made by union musicians in the United Slates. RCA Victor as well, was the acute dearth of shellac. Discs in those days required the "juice" of millions of ground-up, pulverized, slightly dead little insects whose gooey remains formed a rare compound which gave strength to a record. The insects, moreover, lived in trees only in the Orient and Far East, most of which area was occupied by the Japanese. Columbia and With the union's ban on recording and the frustrating shortage of bug "juice" for shellac, Capitol's chances for survival were esimated at 1 00 to one. But somehow it did. In the autumn ofPetrillo changed his mind, then signed contracts with the various networks, and the most spectacular growth of an American industry began. Alone with that expansion, of course, came to later. By the old Big Three of the recording world had become the Big Four. Capitol was a power. Johnny Mercer sat in the booth. Mercer was not only one of the nation's finest lyricist, but a gifted singer, talent finder and cofounder of Capitol The Pussy Caper - The 2 Live Crew - Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part II) Wallichs and Buddy DeSylva of Paramount Pictures. He found a novelty song firm not only sold records, it published a money-making music magazine The Capitol News which attained a world-wide circulation ofcopies monthly; marketed phonographs; it sold needles and blank it recording discs, and it had inaugurated a system of supplying radio announcers with special, vinylite pressings of all its new singles which led to the lamentable dog-eat-dog radio exploitation system in effect today. But that war-torn summer when the Cardinals and Yankees were heading for pennants, she found herself in the C. Many Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel night we Tanto Gentile - Amilcare Ponchielli - Composizioni Vocali E Strumentali Nel Centenario Della Morte up until 3 and 4 a. For years Capitol led all labels in airplay. That year, Capitol marketed 14 albums and 48 singles. Mercer was not only writing one hit after another as a lyricist, but his records as a vocalist were consistent smashes. The modest Georgian, serving as Capitol's president, also kept a strong hand in signing and recording talent he favored. Wallichs was tireless in guiding Capitol from the administrative and sales ends. He hit the road to set up company branches and indie distributors, and with the end of World War II he pioneered Capitol's entrenchment throughout Europe. DeSylva, the third partner in management, was still a different type. A creative and top boss at Paramount and, like Mercer, a great songwriter on his own. Buddy wisely concerned himself with making profitable movies and leaving Capitol to the dynamic Wallichs-Mercer team. Never once, in his eight-year affiliation with company, did he interfere with Capitol executives or employees. Lee Gillette came in from Chicago to head a new country and western division. Alan W. Livingston, fresh out of service and wandering casually down Vine Street one afternoon, knocked on the Capitol door, got an interview, was hired to make children's records although he had no children and eventually parlayed his Bozo the Clown series of sock kiddie packages into the presidency of the company. Kay Starr, Sammy Davis Jr. This is a rare studio photo by Otto Roths- Kenton looked like this in late Ernie Ford. Molly Bee land have you seen her lately? Cole's death of cancer itn Feb. Gillette, are All this time, Capitol occupied a small office suite in the block on Hollywood's Vine Street. Wallichs was the man who unlocked the doors every morning. Mercer came in, if not every day, frequently enough to keep his artistic fingers in the booming Capitol operation. Goldsen was brought out up and operate a Capitol music publishing enterprise. And so, when Ihe company in faced another recording ban starting New Year's eve, Capitol issued its first stock dividend of exactly 20 cents its first public stock issue had gone on sale April 30 in Wallichs became the new president, artists were recording on tape for the first time, r. Capitol also moved its personnel Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel new office space on the northwest corner of Sunset and Vine just above the spacious Music City retail store. Those same facilities are today occupied by Dot Records. It was a far cry from 's the deejay hoopla of the when Dick Clark had 50 corthe and enterprises porate country rocked to big quiz and payola scandals that were on a wide scale. It has a spring bottom, side and top. He will start a monthly newsletter for dealers and distributors. The Ampex marketing expert sees the distribution of tape cartridges returning to a Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel channels. Yes, we've picked up a lot of new types of distributors, but I expect the cartridge business to return to the reel-to-reel dealers in the long run. You cannot merchan- many, per cent mechanical tests along with constant musical qualityspot checks," Everett said. Everett intion sists that it is producing tape cartridges of highest quality. Soundtrack albums are fast becoming Among As one stands watching, a tangle of tape was spewed Spread Love (Interlude) - The Regiment - Live From Coney Island the face of one of the testing personnel. They are the brainchild William of are Though. From La is line for delivery of slaves from the Ampex plant at Colorado Springs. At the heart of the Ampex Stereo Tapes testing seven times normal at speed. And the entire operation, according to production manager Thomas D. He said a single system would help to reports still demand for its music cassettes. Country and Western Music is making great inroads in the cartridge field. STARDAY has The 20 albums that in cartridge release meeting with such great are boost release the first of car radio or played ac- the year. ITCC has almost releases in 8 track and almost 2, releases in 4 track Get Your Number (Ft. Jermaine Dupri) - Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel the country's most important labels NOW! Buddy from flashlight iiiiiiwiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiii 3d Store J. Lombardo, president of Mobile Stereo of Ohio, Inc. Sonic Corp. The initial 4 and 8-track cartridge release will include "60 Years of Carnival in Rio," "The Fabulous Poly and His Guitar," a cartridge of gaucho music, Chantecler's top. Aura Sonic also is rushing release of four James Brown and retail tion is the Craig Panorama distributor for Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and a charter All 4 third past 16 months. Records release 8-track second King being prepared. Woodruff Ave. Downey, Calif. Music Tapes Adds ettes Inc. Both players may be hooked into the the cassettes are selling so well that Philips has been able to withdraw advertising for them. Nitschke said it was unfortunate, however, that Germany ceptance that 40 more are scheduled for one of the country's Brasil likely album, 'Time After Time. North Holly- Riverside. Four track releases are as follows: World Pacific: "Michel. According to Housman. Either the new accounts will learn music or they'll get out. AR's line includes both 4 and 8-track equipment. According to Housman, the imported equipment is being manufactured to AR's engineering The Night The Screaming Stops (Opening Titles) - Andrzej Korzynski* - Andrzej Korzynskis Music Scor design specifications. AR is importing completed units revealed this upon his from a where he left a return. The Philips and Grundig players also have microphones and can be used to record from Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel cassettes. Strong Ave. He for director is Cricket and Component lines. He also did some arranging for MGM. Tape Recording and Audio Times maga- 7ines and has been associated entertainment projects. Attison will report to Nick Albarano, Epic's national field sales manager. Attison was salesman and later branch manager in Memphis and Atlanta during his six and a half years with Capitol Records. Basin Street East and many insultant, has returned to a similar capacity. He will be in charge of music for Universal Pictures and Universal Television. Joe Gershenson. Universal Pictures music supervisor, and Stanley Wilson, Universal TV's music supervisor, will both report to Garfield will also keep liaison with If Its War You Want. - Reagan SS - Hail The New Dawn musicrecord and phonograph subsidiaries to insure publication and release of film and television scores. He will work with MCA's record companies— Decca. Coral, Brunswick and UNI. According to terms of the contract. Project 3, a joint dustrial firms. Los Angeles promotion man. Bakkemo was formerly with Liberty in a similar slot. He has resigned his radio position and will join the record label after New Year's. According locations was its recent decision let Crowell-Collicr's Los Anoff with a verbal spanking for laxity in preventing payola practices among its deejays. Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel Department decided not to diStill nection. Chances are the search for ways and means will go on in spile of the new BMI consent decree. BMI of its broadcaster stockholders, but only set some limits on its non-licensing activities and contractual relations with its clients. The background music breaks counterparts. Pitch on Unit — too on at a breakneck pace record, tape. In just the past year a new, small tapejukebox has chalsupplied lenged an industry half a cenand the 3M corportury old ation has produced an individual After Borg-Warner The search for new ways and means to sell music will go on — Finley, carProject 3 market early initial car- of hit the tridge release, Finley said ITCC will issue Project 3 cartridges on a day-to-day basis with their — terest. Larry Finley. Light's identity with spectacular sound and stereo recordings as developed during Georgia. He reports to Bob Summers, national sales manager. Shepard was formerly with Warner Bros. Then, unit is installed below the dash board with accompanying hang-on speakers. The sales there are the home builders who communications are installing systems for music and radio listening in every room in the means All of which house. The firm's library stocks Wally had been sold in ihe three weeks since Ihe firm had made il available. Sieve Wally. Tape cartridge has area. ISSUE Stuckey, — OH! Flip: much garner will "Two Arms material performed. Flip: Colpct - one this to Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel both Strange and the tunc right up the Hot could be Strange entry Billy Northern, Dccca happy, old-timey arrangement, a new. A just the juke box must. Debout Good Patsy Cline. Wall Heartaches" Northern. Flip: penned by Jerry Bud Prod. Dam teen raach Writer: Stuckey topper for "Sweet definite perfection by Stuckey. Know Flip: "Now — Exciting Writers: composition lyric content. Outstanding Terry Melcher production. Columbia Flip: "Everything Fine. Feeling" Duchess, the Crescendo Flip winner. Wailing blues, solid beat and good Checker lyric content. Beautiful Mother's Eye. Rise Frle. Fourth Annual Showing Re-Run Presented by General Electric. New York 18 published INC. IMIl 1 - Mill. Oaoor rf 4. IMII 'Wrap. IMI Ml. IMIi Ir. Rttait mo 0MI 'Ira tt Tsaai. Cadrt SSS3 Ir-aaiwtck. Or fraaoj Hinlt. T ImmI. I fttmtr. It TaaOhlaOi. Itart Vatrt lit t"i U. MM 5r? Record Merchandisers. Mutual Distributors. Schwartz Brothers, Inc. Distributing Corp. JOHN 8. Among the advantages in the U. Wisdom lists the larger money outlay for a musical production, the knowhow of the directors, and the extra time alloted to rehearsals "In England. Wisdom said that "Walking Happy. He's received no recording offers yet but doesn't discount the possibilities. Some of the songs are of his own composition and others come from the standard repertoire of not too unhappy that he came out second to "Goldfingcr. His compositions are published England in Dave by Toff. When Wisdom winds up his Broadway run in "Walking Happy," he plans to return to his movie work in England. His comedies have been phenomenal successes worldwide film orders for shipped from our central Mid-West location near Chicago the same day order is received and at. A — Save delay write for Pfanstiehl's self-mailer order forms now. He confines his singing now to theater and TV however, attempt doesn't compete with the new musivogue that's blossomed in England. It's not it. Vegas along favorite. Las offer strong music-comedy bill. Eckstine sings "What Now My Love. Eckdoes a fine trumpet and for stine vocal version of "Young Man With a Horn. Eight years ago she played a two-week engagement at Ciro's. Cole explains her answer to the question. Going back fills a void for Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel. Once you've been in show business, you don't really ever get out of it. People become involved in me as Nat Cole's wife and they thus become involved in my act. Cole has performed. Cole will not perform any songs associated with her late husband. A good part of her success is due to her selection of material She has a respect for the lyric matched by few other recording artists. There were also several reported shots tossed her way. Miss Syms, who knew about half the patrons at the opening night show, drew heavily from a show tunc repertoire, and sang "as her Home after playing on the with comic jack Carter. Recently she gained a recording foothold by cutting an album for Capitol with Gordon Jenkins' arrangements. Livingston and co-star George Rose. He to cal following a "trial" engagement at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Before opening her 10day stand Dec. I- Mexico, and appeared twice on the Ed Sullivan show was. Power Pomts". The dates were worked out by the West Berlin manager in conjunction with set Seeger's Leventhal. Harold manager, who returned to New York last week after a day swing through Europe. Seeger's show West Berlin in set for Berlin on is Jan. Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel Jan. Cummins' intention is to create a series of vocal groups to tour the nation and world catering to a variety of musical the label's West Coast offices, activities have been booming. In keeping with the label's policy of tastes. The will Swingin' Six's first album will by Decca next released be month. Daye did the main theme. Film and Terry Murray have been artists label. Sommcr, top drummer, has been. Solid to Artists subsidiary label. He will con- and play solo on drums, vibes and other percussion Billy Hawkes, instruments. Morris L. From those chosen. Cummins plans the formation of at least two new groups and he. Groups Has Dc first Epic album. The Caisels. Canadian group, has been signed to Mainline Records. Cleveland-based firm. This-along with the greatest artists and largest selection of tapesis why RCA Stereo 8 is the unrivalled pacesetter in cartridge tape. Most young, inexperienced Et Lys - Various - Complication - A Danish Compilation ists are better off without a manager, unless the manager belongs to that select group of individuals who arc experienced, creative, and their major busimanagement of ness is the talent. Diamond accurately states. They merely want to cash in on the proceeds if the artist suddenly be- comes successful. I in do all not system, but I small record company is in competition with the majors without having the great financial backing of the majors. If they do not have control of the artist above and beyond the recording field, they stand a very good chance of losing the artist to a major label after they have created understand this it. The War world, or, some individual already mond disagree with Mr. Diathat personal manage- ment by in Georgia Rae. For samples write K-Ark Rec- es- tablishes Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel or herself so strongly with the artist that the recording company finds it can no longer control the production of the artist's records. I might add this also happens with the majors. However, they are financially stable enough to withstand this type of interference. I feel it is both ord 16th Co. Advertisement ' meaningful and helpful initial stages of an in the "However. I have found from experience that it is much better manager to take over after some degree of success has been for a attained, because I have found the most ungrateful artists are those who attain success with the manager who helped them and directed them to this suc- is the nature of the beast. Schneider, Decca's executive vice-president, seals the agreement. Willis Conover is taping more international jazz festivals for the State Department's Voice of America than ever before. Now, Curtain, Inc. The group, which recently loured Europe, will play a series of one-night engagements, including an invitational performance before the King of Thailand, and will entertain American servicemen in South Vietnam ton are and Strangers In The Night - Werner Muller And His Orchestra* - Werner Mullers Music Shop (Reel-To-Reel. Jazz Festival in to the jazz fraternity. It's not my bag to get involved in governmental systems. Conover's system in obtaining tapes of these overseas festivals is to personally contact the Staterun radio system and request a tape for the U. The only thing I'm trying to acevents. Prague in requesting a tape! S VOAj Government. They are adopting I folk idioms to bring in conceptions to jazz. Miljenko Prohaska. Boston Jan. George Wein again produce the festival and some jazz artists already arc will Paula Among them Bmbeck. Thelonius Monk, booked. JohnRuby Braff. Masters of ceremonies will be the Rev. Norman O'Connor and Wein. Christmas Eve through mas Day. Play of these records was limited to one per deejay show. The last Cherokee (Indian Love Song) - Quincy Jones - Eight Classic Albums before the holidays, she said, "we'll play records available and lean all a little heavily on the Christmas records that might be making like il. Explaining the change in the stageneral its manager William tion, B. Chamberlain said. In discussing our new policy with deejay Bill he resigned Caldcr. He said realignments will be made in the news department under the direction of Joe Coffer who remains as news direc- Thorn Chamberlain said no perwould be hired to re- tor. Christmas Eve the station will switch to a temporary allChristmas format that includes everything from "Jingle Bell Rock" to songs by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But at 5 p. Christmas Eve the station will devote its programming to Christmas rec- ords exclusively without commercials It has been the pattern of most stations in the past to play loo "driving early, it into said Simmers, the ground so by Christmas it was irritating to hear it.{/PARAGRAPH}


Mack Daddy - Sir Mix-A-Lot - Mack Daddy, Captain Howdy - Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry, Theme From Z - John Williams - Changes, Totally Wired - The Fall - The Collection, Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man) - Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush The Show, Fluss - Fotos - Kids, Symptom Of The Universe - Various - Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath, Oei, Oei, Oei, Dat Was Me Weer Een Loei - Various - De Chinees Doet Veel Meer Met Vlees En Nog 15 An, War Child - Jethro Tull - War Child, Allan Snowden - We Will Find You EP, Los Cinco - Parchis - Parchis, Another Piece Of Meat - Scorpions - Deadly Sting, Padam-Padam - Various - Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 50


  1. Dounris

    Werner Müller (2 August , Berlin – 28 December , Cologne) was a German composer, Kapellmeister and conductor of Western classical music. In some of his works he collaborated with Caterina Valente and Horst Fischer, the hehrtt.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoity control: BNE: XX, .
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    View the profiles of people named Werner Muller. Join Facebook to connect with Werner Muller and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.
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    April In Parie, Torpedo Alley. Be Seen. Executive Suite. Glenn Miller Story. Woman's A L W Y N, WILLIAM: Composer. b. Northampton, England, World, Strategic Alr Command, The Shrike, McConnell Story, You Can't Run Away From It. Opposite Sex. Inter- Ionm: a Royal Academy of 3fuaic. Held Collard Fellowship lude. My Man Godfrey, Stranger in My Arms.
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    Werner Müller And His Orchestra A: Simonetta B: All My Love: Decca USA: 7" 0: Werner Müller And His Orchestra A: Bistro B: Monte Carlo Melody: Decca USA: 7" 0: Werner Müller And His Orchestra Your Musical Holiday In New York A1: Forty Second Street A2: Penthouse Serenade B1: Manhattan B2: Manhattan Serenade C1.
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    Jun 01,  · Werner Muller and Ricardo Santos are the star conductors of the 50s and 60s of the Polydor label era. I remember buying their 45s and LPs (now I amaover seventy and still have a few.) The CD and download choices are perfect. This CD in particular, gives you the best of both worlds mesmerizing Gypsy music and splendidly performed tangos.5/5(14).
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    Werner Müller discography and songs: Music profile for Werner Müller, born 2 August Genres: Easy Listening, Big Band, Exotica. Albums include A Mystic Portrait of the Moody Blues, The In-Kraut: Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany .
  7. Saktilar

    Jul 27,  · Stranger In Paradise is one of the prettiest songs ever written. Tony Bennett had the hit but this version by Caterina Valente is far more enjoyable to me. She sings this song to the exotic music of Werner Muller and his Orchestra. The female background vocals add to the romantic mood. A beautiful recording.5/5(1).

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