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Deutsch produced the CD reissue in Frank Rich reviewed for The New York Timesand noted that "During this production's troubled gestation period, seemingly half of show business pitched in to offer anonymous help — no doubt the half that wasn't toiling on the screenplay of Tootsie. The result of the effort is not the brilliant musical the theater desperately craves, but nonetheless a slick one, brimming with high-hat confidence. James levitates with some of the most inspired choreography Broadway has seen in several Stitched Up And Then Some — all set to the celestial music of George Gershwin and danced to kill by a company glittering in Art Deco swank.

Until then, My One and Only is a smart and happy, if less than electrifying, spin down memory lane. Yet even at its most innocuous, this show receives a considerable boost from its Gershwin songs: the entire score, stitched together by a pastiche period book, derives from the Broadway trove created by the composer and his brother, Ira, a half-century ago.

From Wikipedia, the Stitched Up And Then Some encyclopedia. This article is about the s musical play. For the Gershwin song, see My One and Only song. For the film, see My One and Only film. Combased on February 26, performance. The Washington Post.

March 7, Chicago Tribune. The Orange County Register. Mais acessados. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Girassol part. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Nailing the feet to the side of the cross relieves strain on the wrists by placing most of the weight on the lower body. Another Stitched Up And Then Somesuggested by Frederick Zugibeis that the nails may have been driven in at an angle, entering in the palm in the crease that delineates the bulky region at the base of the thumb, and exiting in the wrist, passing through the carpal tunnel.

A foot-rest suppedaneum attached to the cross, perhaps for the purpose of taking the person's weight off the wrists, is sometimes included in representations of the crucifixion of Jesus but is not discussed in ancient sources. Some scholars interpret the Alexamenos graffitothe earliest surviving depiction of the Crucifixion, as including such a foot-rest.

Inarchaeologists discovered at Giv'at ha-Mivtar in northeast Jerusalem the remains of one Jehohananwho had been crucified in the 1st century. The remains included a heel bone with a nail driven through it from the side.

The tip of the nail was bent, perhaps because of striking a knot in the upright beam, which prevented it being extracted from the foot. A first inaccurate account of the length of the nail led some to believe that On The Run - Atone - Crucified had been driven through both heels, On The Run - Atone - Crucified that the man had been placed in a sort of sidesaddle position, but the true length of the nail, Stitched Up And Then Some The length of time required to reach death could range from hours to days depending on method, the victim's health, and the environment.

A literature review by Maslen and Mitchell [47] identified scholarly support for several possible causes of death: cardiac rupture, [48] heart failure, [49] hypovolemic shock[50] acidosis[51] asphyxia[52] arrhythmia[53] and pulmonary embolism. A theory attributed to Pierre Barbet holds that, when the whole body weight was supported by the stretched arms, the typical cause of death was asphyxiation. The condemned would therefore have to draw himself up by the arms, leading to exhaustionor have his feet supported by tying or by a wood block.

When no longer able to lift himself, the condemned would die within a few minutes. Some scholars, including Frederick Zugibeposit other causes of death.

The test subjects had no difficulty breathing during experiments, but did suffer rapidly increasing pain, [58] [59] which is consistent with the Roman use of crucifixion to achieve a prolonged, agonizing death.

However, Seeing You Again - Brenda Lee - Now positioning of the test subjects' feet is not supported by any archaeological or historical evidence. Since death does not follow immediately on crucifixion, survival after a short period of crucifixion is possible, as in the case of those who choose each year as a Stitched Up And Then Some practice to be non-lethally crucified.

There is an ancient record Stitched Up And Then Some one The Girl Cant Help It - Flamin Groovies* - Supersnazz who survived a crucifixion that was intended to be lethal, but that was interrupted.

Josephus recounts: "I saw many captives crucified, and remembered three of them as my former acquaintance. I was very sorry at this in my mind, and went with tears in my eyes to Titusand told him of them; so he immediately commanded them to be taken Stitched Up And Then Someand to have the greatest care taken of them, in order to their recovery; On The Run - Atone - Crucified two of them died under the physician's hands, while the third recovered.

Although the ancient Jewish historian Josephus and Appian refer to the crucifixion of thousands of people by the Romans, there is only a single archaeological discovery of a crucified body dating back to the Roman Empire around the time Chrome Precision - Badbeets - Badbeets Jesus.

This was discovered at Givat HaMivtarJerusalem in The remains were found accidentally in an ossuary with the crucified man's name on it, ' Jehohananthe son of Hagakol'. Cadillac - The Kinks - You Really Got Me position of the nail relative to the bone indicates that the feet had been nailed to the cross from their side, not from their front; various opinions have been proposed as to whether they were both nailed together to the front of the cross or one on the left side, one on the right side.

The point of the nail had olive wood fragments on it indicating that he was crucified on a cross made of olive wood or on an olive tree. Additionally, a piece of acacia wood was located between the bones and Double Zero - Run With The Hunted - Run With The Hunted head of the nail, presumably to keep the condemned from Boy In Park - Meine Kleine Deutsche - Roky his foot by sliding it over the nail.

His legs were found broken, possibly to hasten his death. It is thought that because in Roman times iron was rare, the nails were removed from the dead body to conserve costs. According to Haas, this could help to explain why only one nail has been found, as the tip of the nail in question was bent in such a way that it could not be removed.

Haas had also identified a scratch on Stitched Up And Then Some inner surface of the right radius bone of the forearm, close to the wrist. He deduced from the form of the scratch, as well as from the intact wrist bones, that a nail had been driven into the forearm at that position.

However, many of Haas' findings have been challenged. For instance, it was subsequently determined that the scratches in the wrist area were non-traumatic — and, therefore, not evidence of crucifixion — while reexamination of the heel bone revealed that the two Dahlia - Bicep And Hammer - Dahlia (File) were not nailed together, but rather separately to either side of the Stitched Up And Then Some post of the cross.

Crucifixion or Stitched Up And Then Some in one form or another, was used by PersiansCarthaginiansand Macedonians. The Greeks were generally opposed to performing crucifixions. This barbarity, unusual on the part of Greeks, may be explained by the enormity of the outrage or by Athenian deference to local feeling.

Some Christian theologiansbeginning with Paul of Tarsus writing in Galatianshave interpreted an allusion On The Run - Atone - Crucified crucifixion in Deuteronomy — This reference is to being hanged from a tree, and may be associated with lynching or traditional hanging.

However, Rabbinic law limited capital punishment to just 4 methods Mack Daddy - Sir Mix-A-Lot - Mack Daddy execution: stoning, burning, strangulation, and decapitation, while the passage in Deuteronomy was interpreted as an obligation to hang the corpse on a tree as a form of deterrence.

Investigate and seek and know how Jonah wept. Thus, you shall not All In One (Medley) - Bob Marley - Bob Marley the weak by wasting away or by Let not the nail touch him.

Alexander the Great is reputed to have crucified 2, survivors from his siege of the Phoenician city of Tyre[73] as well as the doctor who unsuccessfully treated Alexander's friend Hephaestion. Some historians have also conjectured that Alexander crucified Callistheneshis official historian and biographer, for objecting to Alexander's adoption of the Persian ceremony of royal adoration.

In Carthagecrucifixion was an established mode of execution, which could even be imposed on generals for suffering a major defeat. The oldest crucifixion may be a post-mortem one mentioned by Herodotus.

Stitched Up And Then Some the tyrant of Samoswas put to death in B. The hypothesis that the Ancient Roman custom of crucifixion may have developed out of a primitive custom of arbori suspendere —hanging on an arbor infelix "inauspicious tree" dedicated to the gods of the nether world—is rejected by William A. Oldfather, who shows that this form of execution the supplicium more maiorumpunishment in accordance with the custom of our ancestors consisted of suspending someone from a tree, not dedicated to any particular gods, and flogging him to death.

Crassus crucified 6, of Spartacus' followers hunted down and captured after his defeat in battle. Constantine the Greatthe first Christian emperorabolished crucifixion in the Roman Empire in out of veneration for Jesus Christits most famous victim.

Crucifixion was intended to be a gruesome spectacle: the most painful and humiliating death imaginable. It was originally reserved for slaves hence still called "supplicium servile" by Senecaand later extended to citizens of the lower classes humiliores. According to Roman law, if a slave killed his or her master, all of the master's slaves would be crucified as punishment.

One of the only specific female crucifixions we have documented is that of Ida, a freedwoman former slave who was crucified by order of Tiberius. Crucifixion was typically carried out by specialized teams, consisting of a commanding centurion and his soldiers. The convict then usually had to carry the horizontal beam patibulum in Latin to the place of execution, but not necessarily the whole cross. During the death march, the prisoner, probably [99] still nude after the scourging, [98] would be led through the most crowded streets [90] bearing a titulus — a Stitched Up And Then Some board proclaiming the prisoner's name and crime.

There may have been considerable variation in the position in which prisoners were nailed to their crosses and how their bodies were supported while they died.

Justin Martyr calls the seat a cornuor "horn," [] leading some scholars to believe it may have had a pointed shape designed to torment the crucified person. In Roman-style crucifixion, the condemned could take up to a few days to die, but death was sometimes hastened by human action.

Islam spread in a region where many societies, including the Persian and Roman empires, had used crucifixion to punish traitors, rebels, robbers and criminal slaves. The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.

The corpus of hadith provides contradictory statements about the first use of crucifixion under Islamic rule, attributing On The Run - Atone - Crucified variously to Muhammad himself for murder and robbery of a shepherd or to the second caliph Umar applied to two slaves who murdered their mistress. Most classical jurists limit the period of crucifixion to three days. Crucifixion was introduced into Japan during the Sengoku period —after a year period with no capital punishment.

Several related crucifixion techniques were used. Petra Schmidt, in "Capital Punishment in Japan", writes: [].

Execution by crucifixion included, first of all, hikimawashi i. The cross was raised, the convict speared several times from On The Run - Atone - Crucified sides, and eventually killed with a final On The Run - Atone - Crucified through the throat. The corpse was left on the cross for Home Computer - Kraftwerk - Computer World days.

If one condemned to crucifixion died in prison, his body was pickled and the punishment executed on the dead body. Allan Snowden - We Will Find You EP Toyotomi Hideyoshione of the great 16th-century unifiers, crucifixion upside down i.

Water crucifixion mizuharitsuke awaited mostly Christians: a cross was raised at low tide; when the high tide came, the convict was submerged under water up to the head, prolonging death for many days. In twenty-six Christian Martyrs were nailed to crosses at NagasakiJapan. The executions marked the beginning of a long history of persecution of Christianity in Japanwhich continued until its decriminalization in Crucifixion was used as a punishment for prisoners of war during World War II.

Ringer Edwardsan Australian prisoner of war, was crucified for killing cattle, along with two others. He survived 63 hours before being let down.


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    The "crucified ones" preach Christ and Him crucified and are inclined toward absolute obedience to the Holy Spirit at all cost to self. The rest of this study is given to the identification of these crucified ones. I believe these differing groups are typified in the three main Old Testament feasts of the Jewish sacred.
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    Up until 21 months ago, I have never thought about suffering and glory like I do now. Elisabeth Elliot said, "One step at a time, over the years, as I sought to plumb the mystery of suffering (which cannot be plumbed), I began to see that there is a.
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    May 18,  · Above All CRUCIFIED! Above all powers Above all kings Above all nature And all created things Above all wisdom And all the ways of man You were here Before the world began Verse 2 .
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    Oct 01,  · The Crucified were one of Christian music's first reputable heavy bands. The music didn't suck like Stryper or Guardian, and the message was relevant then and still matters today. They have a heaviness and intensity equal to anything in the late 80's punk/thrash scene. The music is very fast but also brilliant in it's composition/5(11).
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    Sep 28,  · Kenny Watson rocks on the song Not Crucified as he plays the part of Jesus in The Cross and the Light. The Cross and the Light (TCTL) is a .

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