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Four big titties to be playing with? I thought I had died and gone to heaven, man. Roman Bellic : Cousin, it's been too long Think of all the girls you've Choo Choo ChBoogie - Bill Haley And His Comets - Bill Haleys Greatest Hits! missing out on!

Niko Bellic : Our country has women too. Roman Bellic : Yes, but only locals. Here we have white, black, the Puerto Ricans and the Asians, Europeans on vacation, scared Canadians, bored housewives from the Midwest - every possible choice. The city is like a big Uder Milken Ice Cream shop: thirty-six flavors of titty. Hove Beach is our little corner of Eastern Europe. Hove Beach, next to the docks. Immigrants here do not make it very far from the boats they come in on.

Roman Bellic : No, everyone seems happy where they are. It reminds them of the Black Sea or something - people leave home to hang around the people they ran away from, very odd. Is just temporary for us though. Our sights are set for the top. Mansions in Berchem, penthouse in Algonquin Niko drives Roman to his apartment. Niko : This is the mansion? Roman : Just a temporary place. The mansion is coming, cousin. That's the dream Niko and Roman enter the apartment.

Roman : Come in, come in! Answer Song - Saint Etienne - Words And Music By Saint Etienne yourself at home Roman stamps on a cockroach. Roman : Got him! Little bastard. If he paid some Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song I wouldn't care. Roman wipes the cockroach Various - I Love Country - Cowboy Songs his shoe.

Roman : Oh Ah, cousin, it's so good to see you! Roman lies down on the bed. Roman : Shit Niko : So Roman : So Niko : So, you full of crap, or what? Roman : What? Niko : Where's luxury condo? Where's sports car? Where's Barbara with big titties and Stephanie who sucks like a vacuum? Big, Mr. Roman, living the American dream. Sports cars, condos, women, money, the beach I come here, and the only thing big about your life is the cockroaches.

Roman : That's right. I got the best cockroaches, I got the best dirt! Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song : Screw you, you idiot! Roman : Okay, I'm an idiot, but you must admit I have the best line in bullshit you ever heard.

Niko : Yeah, this I know. Roman : But here, all I needed was one good guy. One good guy, I could do well. Not take over the world, but do okay. Now, maybe I have this. But what about you? What about you, cousin? Niko : What? What about me? Roman : Well First, I hear you're running around with the wrong kind, then I hear you joined the merchant navy, now you're here.

You never tell me anything. Niko : Huh. Roman The Man Who Saw The Future - Various - Short Science Fiction Collection 19 What do you mean no? Out of stock. Delivery not available.

Pickup not available. Add to List. Add to Registry. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Explore this item Specifications Music Genre Country. For example, Bronson, III, gives one hundred and twenty-eight different airs to which as many texts are sun. And charmed the heart of a lady. Come go with me, my pretty miss, Come go with me, my honey; We'll sail across the deep blue sea, And you'll never want for money.

Will you forsake us all, my love, To go with Gypsy Davy? Another version is in Silber HSB, The Gypsy Rover The gypsy rover came over the hill, Down through the valley so shady, He whistled and sang till the greenwoods rang, And he won the heart of a lady. Chorus Ah de doo ah de doo da day, Ah de doo ah de day dee, He whistled and sang till the greenwoods rang, And he won the heart of a lady. She left her father's castle gate, She left her fair young lover, She left her servants and her state, To follow the gypsy rover.

MB Song Texts Her father saddled up his fastest steed, He ranged the valleys- over; He sought his daughter at great speed, And the whistling gypsy rover. He came at last to a mansion fine, Down by Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song river Clady, And there was music and there was wine, For the gypsy and his lady, "He is no gypsy, father dear, But lord of these lands all over. According to Cox FSS?

The text of Gypsy [p Warning contains the first words ever publicly heard over a telephone. The song was so popular that it spawned an "answer" version and several imitations see Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song B and C below. InH. Songsters in which it appeared, include: The Gipsy[s Warning Songster, p.

Lady, once there lived a maiden, Pure and kind and bright and fair; But he came and wooed and won her, Pilled her loving heart with care. Soon she died, and now lies sleeping In a cold and silent grave. Bo not turn so coldly from me, For I speak to save your youth; Of his stern and withering power, I would only speak the truth. Let me shield you from the danger, Save you from his tempting snare.

Lady, shun that dark-eyed stranger— Heed my warning and beware. Keep your gold, I do not want it; Lady, I have prayed for this— For the tine when I might foil him, Rob him of expected bliss. Lady, I will not deceive you, Nor leave you a heart of woe; Trust me, lady, and believe me, And no sorrow shall you know, Down beside the flowing river, Where the dark green willows weep, Stands a grave not yet forgotten, Where the gentle maiden sleeps. Every morn a lonely stranger Comes to linger many hours, For he loved the gypsy's daughter, And he strews her grave with flowers.

In a sense, what we have here is "an answer" to "an answer" in which the girl informs the would-be lover that she believes not him but the gypsy mother. Why go there alone so early, All those Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song flowers to strew? Do you love in truth so dearly, Do you grieve as others do? Some claim that the words were written by Harry McClintock, a hobo.

Carson J. Robison, who made a recording of it in the s, is credited with authorship by the publisher of his version. A song of identical title was written by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers as the title song of a Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song picture starring A1 Jolson, who sang it in Hallelujah, bum again!

Hallelujah, give me a hand-out to revive us again. If I was to work, and save all I earn, I could buy me a bar and have money to burn! The two hand-cart songs I and II given here are based upon the fact that many of the Mormons literally pushed their belongings across country in wheelbarrow -like carts. For a third handcart song—one that deals with the call that sent seventy-six missionaries pushing handcarts from Salt Lake City to Florence, Nebraska— see Boops - Cecile / Cutty Corn* - Boops / No Boops, and Lingenfelter, The land that boasts of liberty I never again wish to see.

MB Song Texts So on the roads the carts were spurled. It surely must surprise the world To see the old and feeble dames Thus lend a hand to pull the same. Young maidens too will dance and sing, Young men more happier than kingsj And children too will laugh and play, Their strength Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song day by day.

And long before the valley's gained We will be met upon the plains With music sweet and friends so dear, And fresh supplies our hearts to cheer. For information concerning the subject matter of this song, see headnotes to Hand-Cart Song I above.

Hurrah for the handcart scheme! Who cares to go with the wagons? Not we who are free and strong! Our faith and Padam-Padam - Various - Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 50, with right good will, Shall pull our carts along.

Song mey have traveled from land to sea, or from sea to land. No one seems to know. Practically every collector has an opinion concerning it, but not too much information. The A version below is a land treatment and version B is how sailors sang it. Because I hang for money, Away, my boys, away! At first I hanged me father, etc. Me sister and me brother, etc. A rope, a beam, a ladder, etc. And he taught me how to play.

My father was a gambler, And he taught me how to play. If I had minded mama— She taught me how to pray. Words are by John A. Chorus Hangtown gals are lovely creatures, Think they'll marry wealthy preachers! Heads thrown back to show their features, Ha! Hangtown gals!

Hangtown gals are plump and rosy, Hair in ringlets mighty cosy; Painted cheeks and gassy bonnets, Every one can sting like hornets! Revolutionary War Song Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song song is frequently referred to and sometimes orint- ed as a Revolutionary War Song, But I think Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song came into existence considerably later, sometime during the first quarter of the 19th century.

Without question, this song inspired a later one using the same title see Happy Land of Canaan IIalthough I have seen no mention of such a connection in print.

Chorus Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha. Bound for the happy land of Canaan. One of freedom's noble sons, our brave George Washington Made them skee-daddle from the happy land of Canaan. Belden, who printed a Confederate version see B, below said it was "evidently a minstrel-stage song remade to catch the favor of Confederate sympathizers It is difficult to say which version was the first one, and, in this case, it really doesn't matter too much.

The Black Horse caval'ry is coming; The ladies in the town all dressed in fancy gown, The hoop-skirts they are a honey! It takes forty yards of alapac to cover up the hoops, And something like a pocketful of money. The time of our glory is a-comin'; We yet will see the time when all of us will shine, And drive the Dutch from the happy land of Canaan. MB Song Texts Ho. Someone with a sense of humor and an ability to write, rewrote the nursery rhyme into a piece for adults.

Lacking To The One Who Knows - Yanni - Dare To Dream real power to change that condition, except in specific cases, the poer sought relief through humor. The precise date of thin song 1 s arrival in America is unknown, but we do know that it thrived as well here as in its homeland.

Many versions and variations have been recovered from oral sources; and some of them have combined and fused with other songs. Two versions A and B are given below, but with little difference between them. However, a real difference exists between these two versions and Hard Times IIwhich follows this one. The landlord will feed your horse oats and hay, And when your back's turned, he'll take them away; For oats he'll give chaff, for corn he'll give bran, And yet he will holler, "I'm too honest a man, Too honest a man!

And now for the ladies, those sweet little dears, So fine at the ball and Various - 歐美浪漫懷舊金曲Ⅲ (The Best Songs Of European And American) grand parties appear, With whalebones and corsets themselves they will squeeze, Till you'll have to unlace them before they can sneeze, Before they can sneeze— And Fury - Various - All The Hits 2007 it's hard, hard times wherever you go.

The doctor will tell you he'll cure all your ills With his puffs and his powders, his syrups and pills; He'll give you a dose that will make you grow fat, And his fee it will leave you your shoes and your hat, Shoes and your hat— And so it's hard, hard times wherever you go.

MB Song Texts There goes the old preacher, always on the stage, He'll open his Bible and read you a page; He'll give you commandments to live your life Violations - Various - Hit Me With Music, But business is business, and in business he'll lie! And it's hard, hard times. Well, folks, I have come to the end of my song, But wish to remind you before moving on: The bigger the sinner the bigger the fall, If God doesn't take you the devil gets all!

And it's hard times. She came in the room and ehe said, angrily: "What impudent scoundrel is this that I see? I offered my hand and said to her, "Mam, Please hold your temper till you know who I am.

The man I have chosen is a man of great charm. You will he suited and my daughter get stung. I dove thro the window, into the snow, The gate I flung open and away I did go! I ran and I ran, and I cursed and I swore; I'd never been beaten with a broomstick before. And it'8 hard times. And there's the young miss, a nice little The Slave - Various - Hillbillies In Hell: Country Musics Tormented Testament, Attends the parties that are given all year; Whale-boned corset her ribs tightly squeeze— She'll have to unlace them before she can sneeze!

For twenty-five cents he'll send you to a cell, For five dollars more he will send you to hell. He says he will cure you for half you possess, And then he will kill you and take all the rest. It is also Go Insane - Various - Tremplin Spécial Scène Francophone (D-Side Special French Newcomers) partly compounded song, having in it entire stanzas borrowed from other songs.

It is also in White, p. Also see and compare, Gellert NSPp. White man gets the money. White man goes to college, Black man goes to the field; White man learns to read and write, Black man learns to steal. According to Scott BAit "arose out of the open shop conditions of textile mills in the South Work like a dog Evil Eye - Torn Apart - Ten Songs For The Bleeding Hearts earn my pay.

But I'm always broke after payday! The original manuscript of this song is at Poster Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana. Like most of Poster's compositions, this one is available in dozens of song-hooks and folios.

Many days you have lingered around my cabin door; Oh! While we seek mirth and beauty. And music light and gay, There are frail forms fainting at the door; Though their voices are silent, Their pleading looks will say: Oh!

Let us close our Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song of poker, Take our tin cups in hand While we gather round the look's tent door, Where dry mummies of hard crackers Are given to each man— Oh! Many days have you lingered upon our stomachs sore— Oh! The Democratic incumbent, Grover Cleveland, was up for re- election.

For two others, see: Hip. KipHurrah. When the campaign was over, and the votes were counted, Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States. And vote for our Tippecanoe! The Crush Of Love - Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Smoke out from the free traders' party. And vote for our Tippecanoel Old Tippecanoe, in the 'forties, Wore a hat that was then called the hell; His grandson, our leader, now wears it, And it fits him remarkably well!

His granddad, when all thro' with fighting Had no leisure in which to grow fat; Went back to work at his farming, On Sundays he wore that old hat. Remenber November is coming! Free traders begin to look blue. The Whig party had only a name, several slogans, a willingness to misrepresented facts and to lie about their own candidate as well as the opposition. He could not even decide on a running mate at the national convention. Worse, following the panic ofhe faced hard times and a steady decline in popularity.

Martin Van Buren, 8th President, was the right man in the right place at the wrong time. His opponent, William Henry Harrison, was the wrong man in the right place at the right time.

MB Song Texts Harrison was an aristocrat, not the rough frontiers- nan he was supposed to be. He was, in fact, a deai- god; a soldier—undoubtedly heroic, but not, so far as anyone knew, qualified to be President of the United States. Nevertheless, he was the Whig candidate. He and the party unfairly painted Van Buren as a nan of great wealth who was out of sympathy with the common man. And it worked. At the close of the campaign, Van Buren explained his defeat in these words: "We have been sung down, lied down, drunk down.

Exactly one month later he was dead. We will not attempt to give versions of all the songs produced during that campaign, only the fourteen known to have' been the more popular and believed to have been the most influential. The song below is the first of the fourteen, though not necessarily the first to appear in the campaign. See: Lawrence, KB Song Texts By birth and blood, by kith and kin, A sound, true Whig was he, For his father signed the charter That made our country free, like a fine, true-hearted gentleman, All of the Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song time.

In youth, upon the tented field, His laurels he did gain, Ho Chief so many battles fought. That never fought in vain. Let every sound, true-hearted Whig How raise his voice on high, And, for the triumph of the cause.

Away with doubts and fears! Por he's a fine, true-hearted gentleman, All of the olden time. This song, with words by T. Power and music by Sporle, was published in sheet music form and distributed as a "pop" song. Even so, it proved less popular Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song the public than many of the amateur creations. Por a facsimile of the sheet music, see Jordan, When notes of war were heard no more. He laid his falchion down, And since most worthily he bore A verdant laurel crown, With heart and voice we'll gaily sing, And tell Columbia's Poe Of the days when he went soldiering, A long time ago.

Of the days when he went soldiering, A long time ago. MB Song Texts Prom stately hall and cabin wall let paeans loud arise; The people's choice is Harrison, The dauntless and the wise. With heart and voice we'll gaily sing, And tell Columbia's Poe Of the days when he went soldiering, A long time ago. What the Marseilles Hymn was to Frenchmen, this song was to the Whigs of It is one of the most popular and famous political campaign songs in American history.

It not only swept the country but literally swept Jai Besoin De Toi - Julio Iglesias - Julio-24 Chansons into office.

Our country through? Now you hear the Van-Jacks talking, talking, talking, They look quite blue; For all the world seems turning round for Tippecanoe and Tyler too. Let them talk about hard cider, cider, cider, And Log cabin too; It will only help to speed the hall for Tippecanoe and Tyler too.

They stooped, too. In short, the entire Whig campaign was a musical one. A large number of their songs praised Harrison by way attacking Van Buren, as in the song given below.

For other versions, see: Belden 3Sand Lawrence Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song Harrison vs Van Buren IT A farmer there was that lived at North Bend, Esteemed by his neighbors and many a friend; And you'll see on a time, if you follow my ditty, How he took a short walk up to Washington city.

Chorus Ri tu, di nu, di nu, di nu, Ri tu, di nu, ri tu, di nu, ri tu na. The farmer walked on, Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song arrived at the door, And he gave such a thump as was ne'er thumped before. Master Van thought his rap was the sound of a flail, And his heart beat with fear as he turned deathly pale "Run, John, and run, Levi! There's only one living dares make such ado, That's the sturdy old fellow called Tippecanoe.

My mind is made up to take Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song that chair, Where Van takes his wine with a swaggering air. We hardly expected to see you today. So many stout swiggers are here at this time, There's but one bottle left, but you'll find it prime. Ae there is about Tippecanoe, As there is about Tippecanoe; There's nothing about him alluring, As there is about Tippecanoe. MB Song Texts He never was seen in a battle, Where bullet and cannon shot flew; His nerves would be shocked with the rattle Of a contest with Tippecanoe!

Then hurrah for Old Tippecanoe! And now with his gold spoons and dishes, He lives like a king with his crew; He'll feast on Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song loaves and the fishes, Till we put in Old Tippecanoe! The "Polk" mentioned in the text is James K. Polk, who became President at a later date. The "Tecumseh" was nothing more than one of several nicknames for old Rumpsey-Dumpsey Johnson. Old Dick Johnson he wouldn't answer, He was too rough for a President so fine; Pretty little Martin, tip-toe, tip-toe, Couldn't get a candidate to please his mind.

Pretty little Martin, tip-toe, tip-toe, Couldn't make the loco-focos toe the line; Some were for Polk and some for Johnson, But no one but Polk could please his mind. Pretty little Martin, tip-toe, tip-toe, He couldn't get old Tecumseh to decline. Old Tecumseh's friends would not leave him, And said that Mister Polk didn't please their minds, Polkites and Johnsonites wouldn't pull together, The split was too wide for them to combine. Pretty little Martin, tip-toe, tip-toe, Couldn't get a candidate to please his mind.

The song struck a responsive chord in the Democrats, too, and they sent forth a musical reply using the same title and the same tune see'Version B, below. The Locos now assume the name, a title most untrue, And most unlike the party name when this old hat was new.

When this old Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song was new, Van Buren was a Fed, An enemy to every man who labored for his bread. When this old hat was new, those worthies did oppose The Cause and friends of Liberty, and stood among their foes. Not so with "Granny Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song for at Tippecanoe He bravely fought the savage foe, when this old hat was new.

Down with Old Tippecanoe! The dazzling goblets glance around, And high the joyous shouts resound: Down with Old Tippecanoe! But mark! Hail to Old Tippecanoe! See Lawrence, He turns them out of Whig employ, He turns them out of bread, sirs; And Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song doth he annoy By striking business dead, sirs.

Now if you do not like such love, And vote for Harrison, sirs, All I can say, is "Van must move, Por then his race is run, sirs. It was one ef a whole collection See Want Must Have - Various - Hot Dance D.J.! insulting songs issued Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song the Whigs in a booklet called A Miniature of Martin Van Buren.

Also see Lawrence, It was, however, on the winning side in both elections. Come out from among the Van party And vote for Old Tippecanoe! For another version, see Lawrence, Now little Van is not the man For our next President, air; But Harrison, he is the one— For him our course is bent, sir. And sing of Old Tippecanoe!

Ere this too when danger assailed us, And Indians their dread missiles threw, His counsel and courage availed us— We conquered at Tippecanoe, etc. And when all the troubles were ended, I flew to the girls that I knew; They promptly declared they intended To kiss me for Tippecanoe, etc. A Dutchman came over from Kinderhook, snapoo! A Dutchman came over from Kinderhook; When asked for his name, he replied with a shy look; Snapooter, snapeter, philantro, kiksheeter, snapoo!

He got on a stump and palavered away, snapoo! He cast a sheep's eye at the President's chair, snapoo! Some said he meant yesand some said he meant nosnapoo! Por three or four years we have tried the Dutchman, snapoo! So Matty to Kinderhook, march, march away, snapoo! They had everything they needed, like houses and good land. I f m going just -fc 0 have a time in the woods of Michigan.

My time has come at last. So lift me up and take me down and send my body home. What's the use of me mendin' my finery, it is fit for a queen on her throne? For it's, 0 dear! When American seamen got hold of it, the shanty was Americanized, which means, in this case, that all political references were eliminated.

Examples of the differences in the shanty sung by English and American sailors are interesting. English sailors sang: Louis was the king of Prance Before the Revolution, But Louis got his head cut off, Which spoiled his constitution! The shanty dates back to the second half of the 18th century. In America, it dates back only to the years immediately following the War of For an interesting adaptation by Southern fishermen, Haul.

HaulHaul. Ip in Brown, III, Also see the Haul Away. That if I did not kins the girls My lips would grow all mouldy. We'll haul away, joe! We'll haul away, Joe! She left me for a Yankee lad, So young and rich and slender! MB Song Texts Haul the bowline! Haul the bowline! I wish I had some whiskey! Soon she heard the tramp of horses And she quickly turned in fright Just in time to draw the door bolt As the Indians rode in sight.

Then she seized and hissed her babies, Bid them neither speak nor cry; Hid them in a secret closet, And she nerved herself to die. With an angry push, the Nothings Got A Hold On Me - Sarah Gayle Meech - Tennessee Love Song Tore the bolt from off the door; There he saw the weeping woman Lying seared upon the floor. Warriors seized the weeping woman. Roughly raised her from the floor, Held her by her dark brown tresses, Roughly dragged her to the shore. There they sang and danced around her, Heeding not her piteous cries, Cast her on the rocks below them, And in agony she died.

This is a midth century American song, with words by Joseph B. The song is about oil. In the summer of oil was discovered in the Allegheny Valley of Pennsylvania. This discovery resulted in a quick growth of such towns as Oil City, bringing vast wealth to men like John W. Have Ye Struck lie? And all the borers and the bores inquire: Have ye Various - Glitch Village Vol.

6 ile? Chorus Hurrah! Rich treasures in our soil! What care we if all Europe rage? Our nation has struck oil! But yesterday that man was poor Who T s now a millionaire.

His neighbors all, now half run mad. Inafter being out of public office for four years, he again ran for the Governorship of Ohio and won. During his second term, he became a candidate for President of the United States, The election results were disputed in several states, namely, South Carolina, Eilíf Ró - Todmobile - Opera, Louisiana, and Oregon, An electoral commission was appointed by Congress, and that commission decided in favor of Hayes and against Samuel J.

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