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Fish was one of the main trading products of the league. We all know that fish are definetley part of the christian faithever since the loaves and fishes on the mount and Peters Gig as a Fisherman. My question to you is have their been any Papal or Church Bulls or decrees or treaties specifically made with the Hanseatic Trade League concerning fish trade and have their been any decrees by the Church requiring Christians to eat fish on Fast days?

I have been trying to find an answer to this question for years and have only found one reference to Papal decree That christians should eat fish on Fridays and it had no specifific details. Sesame Workshop says: "Emilio Delgado Luis can easily claim one of the longest running parts for a Latino actor in a continuing series as "Luis" on Sesame Street, since the show's third season.

Can anyone think of a longer running Latino television character in a non-Latin country? The only thing I can think of is putting metal cages around the sprinklers and just dealing with the deflection caused by them.

Also, an elevated ring around the sprinkler would also work. I thought it was obvious enough! But maybe Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP That is if your fortunate enough to live in a free country. I looked at Win - David Bowie - Young Americans / Station To Station Wikipedia article, but it offered no definitive answers.

I want this question resolved before I expend any more energy on my high school education. Of course, you can always toss in your cards and hope for another deal with another consciousness Make a good choice.

I would like to find out about herstory. They dont seem to teach it in schools. Can anyone help me? Let me introduce you to Rocky and Bullwinkle and their way-back machine.

Step in. We will set the dial to Ignore the bell bottoms, leisure suits, and the upcoming election between Ford and Carter. There is no internet but if you hang around on a college campus and look for the people who use the word womyn, they will be able to teach you some herstory.

Once they became the prevailing viewpoint in academia, of course, they reverted to calling it history because the word never did derive from the masculine possessive pronoun and was one more perversion of the language for the sake of political correctness.

Do we have an article The Slave - Various - Hillbillies In Hell: Country Musics Tormented Testament herstory? Since it turned blue, you can click and learn more.

I've been to the site itself and all it's a lifestyle To The One Who Knows - Yanni - Dare To Dream with an emphasis on healthy livingbut still don't know what the name really mean? Who 'invented' the Pokemon franchise?

I've been listening to Sexy by the Black Eyed Peas for a while now, and I just can't place the music they 'borrowed' for it. It's the violin bit at the beginning, which pops up Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP throughout the song and at the end in reversed violin and guitar. I'd appreciate some help. The credits on Allmuisic. However, this VH1 interview [6] from August states that Sergio Mendes played the piano on the track "Sexy" and the band got an orchestra in for " Where is the Love " so perhaps they got the violinist to play on the track. Sorry I can't help you more. Capitalistroadster28 September UTC.

Now that I listen to it again, it is possible that it's a saxophone. Would I be breaking any copyright rules if I upload to Wikipedia said sample? I'm currently uploading the other section with it. Thanks for your help. Articles printed in magazines end with a speclized symbol indicating that it is the end of that particular article. What do you call that symbol or puncutation mark? I had several questions about skydiving. Is it possible for skydivers to talk during freefall, and can they even breath before the open their parachute?

If you clean your teeth real well, is there really a need for Dentists? Why can't regular doctors learn oral surgery? Teeth cleaning may reduce frequency of caries but does not prevent all dental problems and their are many other things that can happen to your teeth.

The separation of dentistry from surgery and medical Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP is partly a matter of historical contingency. In the Middle Ages physicians were distinct from barber - surgeons who also performed surgical and dental procedures. Between andhaircutting and Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP became separated from surgery Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP people tended to specialize in one of the activities. After aboutsurgery became a part of medical practice. The basic science training of physicians and dentists is similar but has become part of training only in the last century the split predates it. The other main historical reason is the dentistry is also a craft of manual skills relatively easy to separate from those needed for surgery or medical practice.

A lot of dental school is learning the manual craft and it would add a couple of years to medical school to teach physicians to do this. Especially for manual skills like surgery and dentistry, you want someone to do it a lot to be good at it. Finally, as Nunh-hunh says, there are oral Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP who got there through dental school DDS and those who got there through medical school MD. Thanks for any help with this. I was just wondering, what are the basic parts when it comes to writing a monologue. We have to do a radio monologue and it's really annoying me. A monologue is a speech. You have a message and an audience. Your job is to communicate the message in words so that it will understood by the audience and elicit the response you want. Are you having trouble deciding what the message should be, or what response you want from the audience, or are you having trouble with deciding how best to get the message across?

Most people join a sky diving club at the local airport or join the paratroopers. Trial and error is not a recommended method. Nothing, but eradicate means to totally remove, literally to rip out by the root.

Before HL2 came out I watched a few videos, one of them depicted this part of the game The thing is, I got HL2 and finished it a couple of weeks ago and never saw that part of the game. So I was wondering, did that part get cut off the final version, or was it made just for demonstration, or I just did something wrong while I was playing it? Kattus28 September UTC. How does it happen?

We think that at an early stage of zygote development, when chromosomes duplicate and separate into 2 cells, the separation failed to occur, leaving the surviving cells with one or more extra chromosomes. This is called nondisjunction. The reason the effects are so minimal for the people with multiple X compared with having multiple copies of chromosome 21 or 1, for exampleis that the second and any excess beyond 2 X chromosome in mammals is mostly inactivated Lyonization in most cells most of life and therefore causes relatively little trouble.

The number of X chromosomes does not matter: both males and females have X chromosomes. You can have 1 X or 5 X chromosomes and you will be female as long as you do not have a functioning Y. See sex differentiation for more details. Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP the seven services listed, why aren't the many other uniformed services of the United States listed?

Fish and Wildlife Service. Perhaps Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP U. Cabinet-level departments have uniformed members as well. Why are none of these uniformed services of the United States listed?

Is it because they don't operate under military rules? If so, shouldn't the title "Uniformed services of the United States" be qualified by some statement that indicates this limitation to the definition?

Or is there some other distinction? Courtneymitchell28 September UTC. Thanks, I'm new to this process and appreciate the kindness. What a remarkable phenomenon is Wikipedia! I'm still interested in the other U.

The seven military services articles were very satisfying in scope and thoroughness. I'm still looking for something comparable for the other uniformed services, some of whom have extensive military training, carry weapons and put their life on the line every day. Is this a real practice and does it come from a reason to protect them against being captured as spies in a similar manner that was given for uniforming a non-military service such as the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps in Wikipedia's ariticle Uniformed services of the United States?

Courtneymitchell30 September UTC. We have an article on root-finding algorithms. Gdr30 September UTC. What happened to the projects to update the levy system in New Orleans from when Clinton started funding the project to it's breakdown?

Without a question, all I can tell you Say Say Say (Waiting 4U) (Tocadiscos Not Guilty Mix) - Hi_Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) that they used paint.

Can the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stay in the military when thier term is over? How is the Chairman Chosen? What exactly is your question? Bart t28 September UTC. I'm not asking about the eulogy, or the obituary, or an elegy--but about the printed thingy with a poem or prayer, the brief biography of the person, perhaps a photo--etc.

I have an aerial view of two atoll's or islands next to each other shaped like a star and a crescent moon. There are large boats in the water around them, but I cannot find anywhere on the web where these atolls or islands are located. They look just like the Star and Crescent of the Red Crescent organization. I would like to know where they are located. I have seen pictures I believe in Smithsonian Magazine of manufactured coastal communities in one or more of the oil-producing Arab states where soil and sand have been moved in massive ways to form luxury waterfront properties that, when viewed from the air, show images such as you mention.

The picture I recall was of such a development in the shape of Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP palm tree. I have a wonderful recipe for even more wonderful "chunky chocolate cookies", which I found in a cookie bakery in New York City.

But they gave me a recipe which is aimed more to the U. But that's fine; I don't think that teaspoons look in the U. What's a good restaurant in midtown, Atlanta, Georgia?

If you're under 18, and post pictures of yourself online, will you get arrested for chid sexual abuse? I need an answer NOW. OK, I've got Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP crazy idea. You know those toilet bowl tablets? They're bleach tablets, same thing you put in a swimming pool, ie calcium hypochlorite.

Can Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP save some cash and just use the chlorine tablets for my pool in my toilet bowl, or will something go horribly wrong? Who was the actor who played the banjo boy in deliverence?

See Shrek. I've noticed the use of the term "swiftboating" several times in the past few months. It is used in the sense of someone being swiftboated,ie, being lied about. Recently it was used in our local newspaper as "he was swiftboated". In that particular case the person had been the subject Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP a lie. Does anyone check over newly editted pages and Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP check the information added?

How is one to know that the information one is receiving is true? Also, a daddy longlegs is technically not a spider. Kattus29 September UTC. I need a printer that does She Broke His Penis In Two - Loveninjas - The Secret Of The Loveninjas and photos and is cheap, should i go inkjet? In reality you can be pro-active when selecting an inkjet printer and research the most economical inkjet printer type to purchase.

Most printers sell for almost nothing to purchase but the manufacturer makes up the loss with the selling of inkjet cartridges. There are 2 Manufacturers that make products that have 3rd party inkjet cartridge suppliers. They are Canon and Epson.

The Back holds 13 ml and the Color are 17 ml each. IF you purchase a Pinter that also can support the T cartridge it holds 30 ml also. HPDell and Lexmark sell printers that have the Head Mechanics built in and as a result sell only much higher priced replacement cartridges. Next is to select a reputable 3rd party supplier like Metawatch Inkjet Supplies.

So Inkjets can be cheap if you take your time and shop around. Remember its not the purchase price that is the most important thing to remember but the total cost of ownership. In the brain, it severs Lantzeko Ihauteriak - Urria - Argi Tirrintan. connections required for the brain to work or the severs blood vessels that keep important parts of the brain alive.

I was wondering if XS Citrus Blast Energy drink is simply made up of caffeine and some flavors, or does this drink have a makeup of things that really provide energy. Also, would it be best to just buy a can of coke instead? It depends on how you define energy. By most definitions any drink with any Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP of calories can be described as an energy drink.

I assume this drink has plenty of sugar. Whether you would be Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP off with a can Various - I Love Country - Cowboy Songs coke depends on the relative costs and your taste preference. A handful of sugar in a glass of water would be even cheaper.

They stop selling alcohol then to prevent fans from getting as drunk and to give drunk fans time to sober up before they leave assuming they leave at the end of the game.

The second part of your question doesn't make any sense. Have you tried reading our article on Bertolt Brecht? Demonstrator can have several meanings depending on context. One meaning is "a person who participates in a public protest," especially someone who carries a sign to raise public understanding of the issue. Brecht was more of a political activist than most playwrights. This is a guess. Is there a rule in baseball that states, that if the game is tied, with bases loaded Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP it's the bottom of the 9th inning, you can't intentionally get hit with the ball to drive in the winning walk? On the contents page under 2. Can you explain why? You are incorrect on the number of people for a shelter.

Each sheet of metal was multiplied accourding to who were to use it. Two adults or more, 3 sheets. Father away in the Navy, so the two sheet deep size was our lot! Floor was wood made by grandfather to keep out the damp. We swayed as the gun vibrations from antaircraft weapons fired from local park.

When website is loading, background has the outline of a mountain, I'm assuming a mountain of knowledge? Paramount Pictures? Basically--What Mountain? The highest elevation in Florida is a large Landfill near Miami. I actually first read this as " Mr.

Years ago I read a story about Noah's Ark and the Unicorn. In a nutshell, it was about Noah rounding up all the animals and seeing the unicorn in the distance, and every day that went by, he'd round up more animals but the unicorn would never come close. In the end, the "legend" says that the reason why unicorns are no longer around is because he chose to stay in that world than face this one. Noah was never really able to convince the unicorn to come aboard.

It's such a cute story, but I can't remember either the title or the author. Has anyone read it? Does anyone know who the author is or what the story is titled?

Im Hoosay. I have a question about your "Hurricane Rita" website. I'm writing a five paragraph essay about natural disasters in El Fin De La Infancia - Cafe Tacuba - Re class and we have to write where we got our information from,the articals title,the webpage,internet address and the author. I could'nt find the Author s. Would you please send it to me?

I don't have an email address so will you please send it to me by mail! You can get help with this at Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia. Joyous talk30 September UTC. Why is explanation-guide. It states at the bottom of the page that your web site gives them the info, but all of the US carriers stats are a year and more out of date.

They list all of the EU and Asian companies as being the largest, even thought Cingular, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint-Nextel have larger numbers then most of the other EU and Asian related carriers on their web site. Can you please help me out?

How can these other carriers have higher numbers?! Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP can't you and your partner web site give credit to the USA?! I don't know, but it's made me start an article called British football transfer record. I can't find it on the net, anywhere. Trevor Francis was the first million pound player, in If anyone knows about football transfer fees, help out with the article I started, for the love of God.

Mineral wool is the normal way to spell it. Ojw3 October UTC. I have got in trouble on this site for teying to get the answer to this question so i really hope someone can help me!!! What DOES the word palooza mean? I have heard it several times recently and it made me curious.

If you have any idea please let me know. On my talk page or whatever, thanks. Skooky30 September UTC. It's my understanding that New Dimensions in Education, Inc. I am not interested in the badly copied versions that are being sold on Ebay. I am researching the life and career of Mr. Gregory and while I have seen News reports of His marriage to Ms. Strong, I have never been able Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP get an exact date, nor have I been able to confirm the marriage. I am looking for the source of your information ot verify the date of this marriage. How do I achieve my full potential in life. Also I need to get some revenge on some enemies any tips and also how to deal with backstabbers.

Hello there, Please I will like to get answer for the following questions. I was ask to write programm that solve the question. I was given 30 question which I have been able to answer some but these are giving me probelm.

Please will appreciate if i can get answers to the question:. Write a program i to read the whole array from keyboard into the computer memory ii compute and prints the total slaes for each day iii compute and print the total weekly sales for each store iv compute and print the total weekly sales for all the store.

Two weeks ago I bought myself a pet cockatiel I love my pet but I'm trying to train him and I've read repeatedly in several webpages that the first thing one must do is clip a bird's wings. Although I find this a cruel thing to do, I am thinking of taking him to a vet and having his wings clipped. How often should this be done though? How long before they "grow back"? Also, is it something I can do myself? I think it'd be a good idea to take him to a vet first to have it done professionally, but can I learn to do it myself or is it too risky?

Searching for information about "Popo, the Clown". Signed, Gregory D. We find the story, a bit mangled, here : "In Southwestern England the 16th century Longleat house stands. A ghost story is told here. Thomas the Second of Viscount, married Louisa Carteret. Ne Mogu Ti Ja Pomoći - Various - Grand Hitovi 2 was as evil as she was sweet.

He suspected her of having an affair with a footman and murdered him with the help of two servants, and hid the body. Louisa died not long after, they claimed, of a broken heart. Thomas started to see her ghost, smell her perfume, and watch as things would move on their own-he fled in fear and never returned.

People thought it was just a legend even though her ghost was seen countless times by many. Three centuries later, workmen dug up some flag stones and found a corpse dressed in 18th century attire. The legend was proven to be true. They buried him in a graveyard not far from the house, and from the tomb of Thomas. Murderer and victim together for all eternity. It is said that his ancestor, Thomas Thynne, 2nd Viscount Weymouth, had fought a duel in a passage at the top of the house with an unknown man, who was rumoured to be his wife's lover.

He killed this man, and had him buried in the cellars of Longleat. The passage where the duel is said to have been fought is now known as 'The Green Lady's walk', and is said to have been haunted by the spirit of Lady Louisa Carteret, wife of this 2nd Viscount Weymouth.

When central heating was put into Longleat, during the 5th Marquess's lifetime, the body of a man was found buried in the cellars. He was wearing jackboots, which crumbled away as soon as the body was exposed to the air. Lady Louisa Carteret, Viscountess Weymouth, died aged about twenty-two, after three-and-a-half years of marriage and nine days after the birth of a child.

It was rumoured that Viscount Weymouth nearly ruined himself and his two sisters by his extravagance after the death of Dope Man - N.W.A* - The Best Of N.W.A The Strength Of Street Knowledge wife. Thanks for all the info. I really need to find a picture of her or portrait. I sa it briefly on TV, but I need it again!

Thanks for the help again! In orwhen I was a young lad, my Dad took me to see the one and only double header football game in Cleveland Ohio. This was a pre-season exhibition trial double header, never to be repeated. The Cleveland Browns were involved, but I can't remember who the other 3 teams or the scores were.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know. I am 74 yrs old, and disabled. I have tried in the past to get this info without any success.

This would also make a good trivia question for Jeapordy. Does anyone know where I can look up this info. Hello there, I was hoping that you might be able to add my shop to your links. I would be able to advertise your site with every purchase made from my shop, and also on the flyer i have produced to deliver to all known On The Loose - Niall Horan - Flicker garage's in the UK of which i have nearly compiled a list.

I eagerly await your response to this email request. Many thanks, Marc Chilton. Write words. Use the "word count" feature of word to know when you arrive. History of anything in particular? Are there any alternate spellings? But for the life of me I can't find it again. The URL possibly had "athletics" or "athlete" in it.

I know you can ask questions here on Wikipedia but would like to know if there any web sites that let you ask questions and then get answered. I tried searching on Google but it came up with FAQs for different issues.

Any help? It's impossible to resist answering "chickenfeed". However, we will generously point out that chickenfeed was traditionally grain like bird seed. We suspect that some sort of industrial byproducts whose ingredients we really don't want to Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP have replaced chickenfeed in large poultry factory farms. What is the best time of year to start a new lawn from seed?

I live outside of Philadelphia, PA. Would it die in the winter if I planted the seeds in the fall? Anyone know to what this refers? May come from the period to If you want a general list of people born in the s, see Categorys births. If you're looking for information on general demographic trends, you might read Post-World War II baby boom.

It would help if you were to phrase your question as a question so the people who answer it can figure out what exactly you want to know. Mirv2 October UTC. Is it actually possible to swap bodies with someone? By like brain transplant or some magical way? And would anyone be interested in writing a list of all the places this cliched plot point has happened? This is bugging me soo much!! There's a website for a newspaper I think it's a real life one that's basically a satire of old-fashioned turn of the century papers.

It had ridiculous patents for some reason the only one I can The Pussy Caper - The 2 Live Crew - Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part II) is a Dead Crow in a Box?

And strange rambling editorial columns from a sailor. It has a really generic name, like the Weekly or something. I lost the URL before, and found it, and now I've lost it again. Not a complaint, just a Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP - the page about Serb enclaves in Kosovo links to a page about Gracanica in Bosnia rather than Gracanica in Kosovo.

I'm trying to find out if there has ever been a time change in Nigeria over the last 50years. By time change I mean a change in the local clock setting not related to day light savings Would anyone be able to help me please? We have a small gap that went un noticed and a colony of bees made a nest. Should i wait for the cold weather to set in before I attempt to exterminate? I was told that they die the next season. They will come back next year as the queen will hibernate and keep a group or dormant eggs with her.

It will be easier to remove in the winter because of decreased activity though. Also, make sure that these are indeed bees and not Yellowjackets or Hornets as these will stay alive year-round and just huddle together for warmth. Removing one of these nests is very dangerous. Does anyone now what the latin phrase at the beginning of the 90's childrens show Aquila was? It was repeated in the intro every episode -- My latin is not too good, but it was something like 'Subat aterum Aquila Volat' or 'Fly with the wings of an eagle'.

If anyone can translate that a bit better, please do. What is the concept and purpose of environmental analysis? What are the techniques of environmental analysis? Does one part of Buffalo, N. My daughter is moving to the area and I would like to know which side has the least snow fall. Due to the Lake effect the western part of the area will see a little more snow than the eastern part, but the entire region recieves LOTS of snow and I do not suggest moving there if she is not comfortable with this.

Actually, Buffalo doesn't get as much snow as you would think. I lived south of Syracuse for the better half of 6 yeas before going to school in Alabama, then BACK to Buffalo for the last two years, and it's more artic winds and cold weather than snow. We have our crazy storms like most of the eastern north statesbut on average, about inches, with " of that coming in December and January. Buffalo, NY will receive less snow by probably about a third than Amherst, NY biggest town outside of Buffalo - 20m drive or towns south of here.

Please mind, that sometimes you just can't avoid the snow, and about twice a year we get a 2 day storm that blows " but the road crews are amazingly good at cleaning the roads, and as they say in Buffalo, "If you don't like the weather, then wait a minute. Fluke and has never happened here before like that and so early. I am considering setting out on the street corners and byways where I live and playing my guitar and singing songs that I've learned from various mediums and "passing the hat" for tips.

Is this legal? I'm not really destitute or anything by any stretch of the imagination nor am Im A Bad, Bad Girl - Candye Kane - Superhero in a needy financial position. But just wondering if anyone out there could offer some insight that could possibly save me some legal greif later on? What is public enterprise? Discuss the role played by public enterprise for the economic development of India.

What are the features of Indian Economic Planning? What Rich Mans War, Poor Mans Blood - Shackle Me Not / The Deathskulls - The Wake the objectives of planning in India? What suggestions would you make to have better plans? What is the term for someone who dies on the same date they were born, only different year?

It's sometimes classed as Midwestern, and it's sometimes classed as Southern. The culture is more Southern, and I think that's where most people conceptualize it. It had trouble making up its mind in the Civil War too.

Aspiradora - Mechanical Pressure - Voice Machines LP midwesterners think of it as more southern culturally, and I suspect so most kentuckians, but the division is more a cultural gradient than a clear boundary.

Depend On Me - Human Nature - Counting Down phrase like that is used precisely to avoid questions like yours.

This is not a snotty answer but an accurate one. If the user of the phrase could have fixed an exact boundary time, he probably wouldn't have chosen this imprecise phrase. To me late 80s suggests 85, 86, or 87, running to 88, 89, or 90 but the edges are fuzzy.

I am guessing you either are desperately trying to salvage The Little Things That Mean So Much - Carmen McRae - After Glow losing argument, have Asperger syndrome, or are King Nitpicker.

Want to share? It is good for the baby's organs. It is natural Yet the same advertisement was still appearing in Russia in April WHO recommends that breastfeeding be promoted as one of the most important measures for preventing diarrhoea, which takes the lives of 2. There is conclusive evidence that breastfeeding confers significant protection against illness and death associated with diarrhoea.

This is not only because it removes the risk of unsafe water, but because breastmilk is a living substance containing the mother's antibodies and immuno-globulins. A study carried out in Brazil Ref. It was also found that supplementation with tea, water or juice increased the risk of death resulting from diarrhoea. The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes regards any product that is promoted to substitute that part of the infant and young child's diet that would normally be made up of breastmilk as a breastmilk substitute.

Hence, any Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP promoted for use before 6 Comme Ca, Comme Ca - Les Vikings* - Message Aux Pachas is substituting for breastmilk.

It is recommended by WHO and UNICEF that breastfeeding continues into the second year of life and beyond and so products promoted for use during this period as replacements for breastmilk also come within the scope of the International Code. Is bottled water a suitable way to tackle the problem of diarrhoea? There are several reasons to doubt it:. In two infants were admitted to a hospital in Wisconsin and treated for seizures associated with low Graham & Eileen Pratt - Clear Air Of The Day levels caused by excessive water intoxication Ref.

In the first case, a day-old infant suffered epileptic fits as a result of low sodium levels in her blood. Furthermore, the infant also experienced respiratory depression. The infant had been fed with infant formula supplemented with bottled water. The mother reported using bottled water as a supplement because the Feel The Magic - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol.

217 - Extended Version was inexpensive and because she interpreted the labelling to indicate that the product had been produced specifically for infants and contained nutrients adequate for use as a feeding supplement. In the second case, a day-old infant was admitted to hospital following an apparent brief seizure.

Again, the seizure was diagnosed as a result of low sodium levels. In this case, the mother had used bottled water to supplement feedings of soy based formula. Once again, the mother indicated that she believed the bottle label depicted a product specifically made for infants. Diarrhoea is the greatest killer of infants worldwide Ref. The promotion of bottled water as suitable for infants may encourage parents to use this product to rehydrate their children so increasing the risk of low sodium related seizures.

Too high a concentration of minerals may also put infants at risk. Where the concentration exceeds 50 milligrams per litre as nitrate ion water undertakers [providers] are obliged to inform the health authorities and professions in the Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co.

- Split 7 EP area. Water with a concentration of nitrate greater than milligrams per litre is not suitable for infant feeding. High sulphate levels of - milligrams per litre may be purgative [cause excessive bowel movements] especially in children. Although there is no binding legislation relating to the composition and use of bottled water, the Department of Health has indicated that Ref. As with tap water, bottled waters should be boiled and cooled before using to make up infant formula feeds.

The tap water that we drink every day Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP only chloride and flouride - all minerals are removed during the treatment process. However, with mineral water the composition is unchanged - extra minerals are neither added nor removed from it.

In guidelines sent to health authorities Ref. Concentrations greater than those given in the box should be avoided for infant feeding according to the Department of Health guidelines Ref. The regulations require accurate labelling of bottled waters marketed for infants.

Any product labelled "sterile" must be processed to meet the FDA's requirements for commercial sterility. If the water is not sterile, the labelling should indicate this. In this instance it should only be used in the preparation of infant formula as directed by a Doctor or according to infant formula preparation instructions. Within the European Community, there are currently no standards governing sterilization of Milk N Butter Babies - Water Torture / Hades Mining Co. - Split 7 EP water.

The drink is marketed for babies and infants from 4 months upwards and is packaged in a ready-to-feed bottle. Love the artwork!! Full color cover and pro factory tapes. Nasty 15 track raw grindcore demolition!!! LMTD 60 copies only!! Complete with Yacopsae like stop and go breaks. This time they team up with those other grind lunatics G. Inc all the EP's, LP, demo's and comp trx. Finally a brand new filthy noise punk EP by my fave noise hero's The Wankys!! Grindcore for fans of old Cripple Bastards, Patareni and Agathocles Awesome split!!

Here it is freaks, Brodys discography67 Son Of Shaft / Feel It - Various - Music From The Wattstax Festival & Film of thermonuclear cock rock and.

Sound like early Napalm Death with Confuse sound!! Total Crossed Out worship from both!!! Very cool record!!! Japanese noisecore weirdo's vs U.

Another hit machine from our fave noisecore commando's!!! Old gods vs new gods of noisecore!!!! Total noisecore damnation!!! Demented Japanese noisecore retardness, comes in a 7" sleeve!! Metallic Discharge glory with insanely hilarious metal vokills!!

Completely demented techno noise punk rave shit from Japan!!! Labels in "Dance Mania" style. Sounds like DJ Funk on bad acid!!! Nippon noisegrind masters vs demented noisecore maniacs!!! Killer record!! Reminds me a lot of early Agoraphobic Nosebleed and hints of Godflesh. Heavy and brutal as fuck, total punch in the face stuff. Recomended violence!!! Awesome packige, pro tapes and artwork from Noiseape making this a must have piece of noise dementia!!!

Another brain damaging piece of noisecore destruction!!! Those SMS dudes keep getting more and more noisy as hell, Drop acid and fucn die!!!


Another Day - Schadel - Schadel No.1, Heaven (Flh Mix) - Confidential - Heaven (Spanish Remixes)., Vieni Sul Mar - En S Avonds - Rosen Aus Dem Süden - Am Wunderschönen Rhein - Vogelhändler Walzer -, Bridge Over Troubled Water - Merry Clayton - Gimme Shelter, Since I Dont Have You (Previously Unreleased) - Various - Capricorn Records Presents The Scepter Re, Spacecramp - xrfaRflighT - Under The Spell Of The Cyclops View!, Various - Chinese Whispers 2, Beauty - nult - Asil Liseli, General Lafayette - Pierrot (Little Tich), Rolling Stones* - Steel Wheels, 3rd Man Theme - Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass* - !!Going Places!!, Weed Them Out - Little Kirk, Fred Cash - Ghetto People Broke, Various - The Best Disco 80


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