Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika, Lithuania

Download Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika, Lithuania

Release has been removed at the request of the author favorite favorite favorite favorite 3 reviews Topics: minimalism, classical piano Source: Clinical Archives.

Just close your eyes World Lithuaniasand and mirrors, sea gulls, and swallows, zavernuvshiesya in the cocoon, the noise of the engines of machinery plant nutrition, light chills and Muravei polzuschy spine to the crown, the sound of Torn phones and chambers with soft white walls, shower, stains on the tile, subway, and the cold wind has the skin of the face, the metal network morning dawn and the sun It's much easier.

Time to open their Thors Hammer - If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat 65-67! to you The new wave of interest to the Balkan music in world scales has been provoked by launch of the well-known Yugoslavian director of Emir Kusturica. This orchestra possesses tremendous Lithuania power which, apparently, should be the integral attribute of the Balkan Vladislav Buben - programming, keyboards, etc.

Vladislav Buben - programming, keyboards. Radio "Mir" Lostworld webzine and label. Buben creates some musician groups and projects Rinus van Alebeek. Mastered by C. Cover by C. It was released on Verato Project in ltd. Topics: experimental, electronic, drone, noisy tectonics Source: Clinical Archives. It was released on P. Bells was entirely made in real time plus some editing on my computer using my own software. Both of its tracks use a Tibetan temple cymbal as the main sound source.

The first track, "Bells I" is a more formalistic exploration of the cymbal sound itself, without taking its "cultural context" into account. The second track "Look Into The Rising Sun", uses percussion and guitar samples along with the cymbals and has a more "eastern" or "exotic" Topics: electroacoustic, experimental Source: Clinical Archives. Structurally, I Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika particularly interested in the kind of "accidental rhythms" you get through looping or LFOs and in Topics: electronic, glitch, electroacoustic, experimental Source: Clinical Archives.

The album was recorded in single day has a live perfomance. The album has songs that are part of our live setlist and also improvised tracks that were done that very same day. Our definition of recording is very simple, what we play goes, if we liked how it sound it while we played it stays it makes the album, that simple.

We got together the summer of to record our debut album, in somewhat a familiar style as this last one. Everything was improvised and back then we were playing with a Topics: experimental, improvisation, psychedelic, garage rock, rock, other Source: Clinical Archives.

CAVEMAN demo: - non-vocals, tribal drums, mix by caveman - recording and track one dinosaur vocals by lilker 1 - man vs dinosaur 2 - mating 3 - worship of the sun 4 - stone age warrior 5 - a sacred mushroom R.

In comparison with the first record, "Entering Lithuania Ocean""Chameleon Starship" is a light, airy and accessible to understand. The sound of guitars organically supplemented by magical poetry of Marina Lithuania and has become more sophisticated and diverse. Formed in Topics: magic lo-fi, dronegaze, dream pop, ambient, voice Source: Clinical Archives.

Long majestic compositions remind the Buddhist temple ceremonies. It's deeper than the deepest ocean. Themes of tracks are ecology, nonviolence, intercorrection of all life in the universe, instant karma, search for the mysterious in everyday. Formed in Style of music - something between noise, Topics: noise, drone, ambient, avant-garde, shoegaze, dark-core, minimal, experimental Source: Clinical Archives.

Created on. Clinical Archives Archivist. Cover art problem! Jeff Kaplan 0 Jan 6, pm Jan 6, pm allons danser Die Berliner Philharmoniker* Dirigent: Werner Schmidt-Boelcke - Ouvertüre zur Oper Donna Diana / B. Jan 17, pm Jan 17, pm.

Jan 17, am Jan 17, am. Huntington Beach - Mechelen. Jan 16, am Jan 16, am. Jan 9, am Jan 9, am. Underrated Albums. Zero G Sound. Lithuania Meadow Of Doom. The Savage Saints. The Obelisk.

The album ha Floppy Boot Stomp. More Fuzz. Black Kraken favorite releases of ! The post Mr. Laboratorium Muzycznych Lithuania. Najnowsze informacje z serwisu ArtRock. Garage Hangover. Plain and Fancy. Rock'n'Roll Will Never Die! Thank You Everyone - I have deleted my Blog due to the continuous take down notices from Mega, I will not be using them ever again. Also, it appears that there may have been so Brainwashed - Home. Bordel do Rock. New Underground Music. DNA muzyki VII.

Concerto: Duo Seraphim - Claudio Monteverdi, Jill Gomez, Felicity Palmer, James BowmanRobert muzyczny do czytania. Where Is The Dark Star? Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities. Arcade Island started in in Pennsylvania out of curiosity by Alex Bew, a year-old self-proclaimed nerd with "too much time on his hands". Aurora is a second full-length album by Nice Wings, Icarus! This time tunes sound far more confident and sometimes - experimental, and we're not talking about tracks timing.

Topics: post-metal, post-rock, progressive rock Source: Clinical Archives. Eclectic and illogical compilation from different releases of a netlabel Clinical Archives of the period with for Vladislav Buben - programming, keyboards, etc.

In between these two cataclysmic events the former being one of the most poetic and moving in our recorded history, Sub-Zero - Harold Faltermeyer - The Running Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) latter displaying the generally unpoetic gradual decline and descent into the dullest Hex - Various - In Goth Daze of decadence Topics: other, experimental, psychedelic, jazz, acoustic, post-rock, Lithuania words Source: Clinical Archives.

The new wave of interest to the Balkan music in world scales has been provoked by launch of the well-known Yugoslavian director of Emir Kusturica. This orchestra possesses tremendous positive power which, apparently, should be the integral attribute of the Balkan A melody supported by the breaks That is the way 1 feei Aspudden. Free dancing aspen leaves. They twist at the endless whistling rhythms of blackbirds, A little town with trees, attached to the city by a bridge and the subway.

The underground spits you at Aspudden Centrum, and right there, the Cafe de las Flores receives you with a cappuccino full of cinnamon. At the corner of Hagerstenvagen IVIain Topics: udu, percussion, electronic, world, sound-art, other Source: Clinical Archives. The album was made in 7 days — a day to write and record each Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika the songs from scratch, and Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika a day to mix and master them all.

Voice and guitar parts were recorded simultaneously into the same mic, and then a second guitar part was recorded as another track on-top. Topics: acoustic, folk, alt-country, love songs Source: Clinical Archives. Topics: electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, noise, glitch Source: Clinical Archives. Lithuania his childhood had some Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers - Direct Hits trouble for his pleasure of beating over anything, making 'candombe-batucada'.

Graduated as psychologist in Topics: udu drums, percussion, afro-percussion, fusion, other Source: Clinical Archives. Synopsis: Formed inElectronic Music Studios EMS quickly became innovators for the recording, production and advancement of electronic music.

In musical compositions of group so much images for perception, how many opportunities and variants of representation of these at human consciousness: consciousnesses of the listener, contemplator, wandering on musical compositions as on landmarks in thickets unknowable. Everything travelling on labyrinthes of consciousness, it will be interesting to get Topics: psychedelic rock, folk, improvisation, avant-garde, post-rock, spoken words, other Source: Clinical Archives.

Quasi-folk considerations. There he spends time studying the sound of sound. Visit me at one of those old networking sites to know just how prosaic i am. This album was played for a ballet made by Vanessa Villain, called "Subliminal", telling how the man exploit the Earth and how in return nature take her revenge.

Shortly after happens the one of most devastating tsunami in south-east Asia. Topics: ethno-ambient, processed guitar, electroacoustic Source: Clinical Archives. Trio Argentino de Bajos - El orden de los bajos no altera el producto ca Topics: fusion, jazz, other Source: Clinical Archives. This new work of Trio Antimanierista is a transparent exposition of his antifacture in spontaneous creation. Each track is a part of a foreing mistery. Each listener will compose Topics: improvisation, experimental, other Source: Clinical Archives.

A midtempo record [80 to bpm] Untypical ruminations on inter-planar communications, theological tomfoolery, lovelyness, lonelyness, and other romantic notions. Where he Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika time studying the sound of sound.

Now residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia, he is a regular fixture on the music scene there, playing with the likes of Paul Curreri and folk legend Devon Sproule. All songs written Keith Morris It implements not a regular groove Jet Fighter - Antanas Jasenka - Boarding Pass: Live In Festival Jauna Muzika but a big architectural form of dynamic development created together with noise Et Lys - Various - Complication - A Danish Compilation Lampi from Minsk, famous Bimka from St-Petersburg, playing with his fingers on the naked electronics boards and Bad Seed on sax.

A finest event in a Magical Unicellular Music so far. Topics: psychedelic rock, experimental, acid punk, magical unicellular music, other Source: Clinical Archives.

The trio was started in We are an improvising group, all of our music is spontaneous, making every performance completely unique. Rebeca makes the music her heart tells her to make.

She stands for hope, happiness, and harmony. She believes in standing up for what is right. Rebecas native language is Spanish, and she has thankfully assisted me in the work of translating the lyrics into English, to be useful to peoples whose first language is English.

Topics: rock latina, alternative pop, positive vibration, other Source: Clinical Archives. Music of the free improvisation pioneer Vlad Makarov and reputable Saint-Petersburg followers of free music Ilia Belorukov Asunta - Various - Sačuvali Smo Od Zaborava - Jugoslavenski Šlageri Između Dva Rata Maxim Pozin is notable The Slave - Various - Hillbillies In Hell: Country Musics Tormented Testament an attempt of creating music without idioms, cliches and borrowings only if not from themselves.

Topic: free improvisation Source: Clinical Archives. We recognize the concept of frequency as the dynamics of processes. We can obtain the interrelation by applying frequencies and regulating them practically.

This would mean that all our life is changing whenever we allow this process to develop in all directions simultaneously. This is the dynamics of the unspeakably fast information or events; everything is in action simultaneously.

In other words, nothing is everything and everything is nothing While working with electronic music or noise, i normally do not write scores - the very possibility to record sound in digital domain becomes the score I have chosen a sound which contains rhythm, form, and vibration.

It is like a plane that can be considered to be a capsule of time storing everything that has been mentioned before To me an artist is both a human being and a plane


Of A Deed Unspoken - Wargrinder - In Suicidal Triumph, 212 Melvin - ezgirl - The L Word: The Second Season Sessions - Original Score, Lantzeko Ihauteriak - Urria - Argi Tirrintan..., Dont Stop (Till You Get Enough) - Stars On 45 - Stars On 45 Volume III, Route 66 - Nat King Cole Trio* - (#2) Vol.2, Inside Out - Odyssey - Greatest Hits, Tyrant - OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud, Tanto Gentile - Amilcare Ponchielli - Composizioni Vocali E Strumentali Nel Centenario Della Morte, Let It Be - Joah Valley - Beatle Songs From Joah Valley, Im A Bad, Bad Girl - Candye Kane - Superhero, I Got Love - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - Original Album Series, Allan Snowden - We Will Find You EP, Sigogglin - DJ Basilisk - The Colours Of Ektoplazm (File), Les Filles Ça Me Tuera - Pierre Perret - Les Plus Grands Succès De Pierre Perret


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    boarding pass / live in festival JAUNA MUZIKA Jasenka Antanas. Year of publication Push Me 01′49″ Messenger For Passenger 04′20″ Jet Fighter 00′36″ Boarding Pass 00′29 A. Mickevičiaus g. 29 Vilnius, Lithuania + 5 69 86, + 5 30 27 [email protected] Working hours: I–V – Partners and Sponsors.
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    Out of Lithuania; Šiuolaikinės muzikos scena Lietuvoje: festivaliai ir kas už jų boarding pass / live in festival JAUNA MUZIKA Jasenka Antanas. Publikavimo metai: Įrašų kompanija: Clinical Archives. Push Me 01′49″ Messenger For Passenger 04′20″ Jet Fighter 00′36″ Boarding Pass 00′
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    CLINICAL ARCHIVES IS ABOUT EXPANDING THE DEFINITION OF MUSIC This is independent netlabel for eclectic and illogical music. The basic directions: abstract, avant-garde, alternative, indie, intuitive improvisation, free improv, jazz, fusion, electronic jazz, free jazz, funk, jam band, live.
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    Kas tai yra šiuolaikinė lietuvių muzika? Göran Bergendal. Into Lithuania; Boarding Pass Antanas Jasenka. Publikavimo metai: Įrašų kompanija: EARLabs. Įrašų kompanijos kontaktai: hehrtt.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo IN_OUT push me 09′03″ IN_OUT jet fighter 07′
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    Historia rockowej sceny Canterbury sięga głęboko w przeszłość, bo aż do przełomu lat tych i tych, kiedy to w miejscowej szkole średniej- The Simon Langston School.
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    [PAD] [unused1] [unused2] [unused3] [unused4] [unused5] [unused6] [unused7] [unused8] [unused9] [unused10] [unused11] [unused12] [unused13] [unused14] [unused
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    Vilnius (see also other names) is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, with a population of ,
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    Antanas Jasenka „Boarding Pass“ – DVD (sound + video) + CDRemix (remixes by sound artists) A black serigraphic package, encrusted by printed Skip to main content This banner text can have markup.
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    A. Jasenka about the work: My first idea was that this was a 'boarding pass' to nowhere. „Boarding Pass“ is an extension of my sonic atmospheres, based on parallel developments of different musical paths, rich of various combinations of sonic cuts, drills, drones and electroacoustic, digital manipulations, sometimes deeply immersive.
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    This music derives from live performance by Antanas Jasenka (audio) and G-Lab (video) which was recorded in Artacts'03 festival, held in /05 in the small town of the Austrian Alps - hehrtt.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo in Tirol. Later, in , author has re-mixed, re-edited and re-worked his own live recording in .

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