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Data Packaging Corporation Broadway. And still com- petitively priced You can rely on the nation s largest producer of metal components used in Cassettes and Cartridges. Contact us today! The firm, which de- veloped as specialists in the soul field, has established a new pol- icy of signing Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park in the under- ground and pop fields. Set for the kickoff show in the series on March 7 at the Kiel Auditorium in St.

Louis are Steam, Stooges. Amboy Dukes. New York, N. Oscar Toney Jr. Doris Duke and Swamp Dogg are further artists to be added to Walden's soul stable. Alan Walden. Agents or managers in plac- ing their acts with these shows should call Quatro atDetroit. Also slated for approval are light shows and public relations men. King and Gloga - Rain For Love Cocker.

Wintersend, which will oc- cupy a acre site, will have two large recreation areas each with its own showers, toilets, water trough, barbecue pits, concessions, shops, Marlow - InsideOutside, medical facilities and a general store. Both areas will serve free food 24 hours a day. The Poly- dor Records group will tour the U.

Civic Auditorium. However, we have al- ways been conscious of the multiple tastes of the public. While we are and always will be into III.

Scherzo: Allegro vivace - Schubert*, Bernstein*, New York Philharmonic* - Symphony No. 9 in C M soul bag. Artists signed exclusively to Walden are Johnnie Taylor. Hill and the Boogie Chillun. Alan Osborne, also a new- comer to Walden, will primarily be responsible for booking col- lege dates. Barry Reischman is creating the event's environmental and vis- ual design.

Part of the festival will carry an American Indian motif with 40 Indians from New Mexico participating. Recreation areas and free food service will be open to ticket holders starting with the week- end preceding the event.

Con- certs Inc. Doctors from the Miami area will operate a central hospital and four satellite hospitals on the grounds. Security will be provided by the Hog Farm and Trans Love Energies, who will be directed by several security chiefs who worked at the Wood- stock Festival. Jerry Butler re-signed with Mer- cury for five years. Van- guard's Frosl signed with Mike Quatro, Inc. Utile Jimmy Dempsey, guitarist, joined California Girls (Edited Backing Track Session, Takes 5,7,8,14,16,22,28,29,30,31 & 35) - The Beach B, who will issue an al- bum by him soon.

War- ner Bros. Grateful Dead lo Inter- national Famous for representa- tion in all fields. Dick Holler signed with Atlantic, who plan an album early in summer. The capacity crowed snapped lo life as soon as he Epic recording group stepped on stage. Their set in- cluded most of their hits, drawing equal cheers for each one, from "Dance to the Music" to "Thank You.

But the beauty of the evening was more than the music: it was the overpowering rush of good will and enjoyment that bounced back and forth between the stage and the audience. Reprise's Fleetwood Mac deserves a smaller hall to play in. Much of their clarity and subtlety was lost in the rumble and echo that are hard to overcome in a massive auditorium.

Capitol's Grand Funk Railroad succeeded in generating excite- ment they were aiming for, and occasionally their playing even bordered on music.

This seems to be the case with the always exciting Fifth Dimension, just recently signed to Bell Records. They are equally at home in nightclubs, open air stadium and on stage in concert halls around the world. And once again they proved their winning ways with an audi- ence at Lincoln Center's Philhar- monic Hall, Feb.

Their material is always as good as their treatment of it. In either case, they treated the enthusiastic audience lo their own special brand of excitement, as they romped, pranced and The White Lancers - The Regimental Band Of The Coldstream Guards* - Regimental Marches Of The Britis till their Never Liked The Beatles - Popland - Groovy energy bub- bled out into the aisles.

They can sing the "Declaration of Inde- pendence" and make it come across, or dazzle with a rousing medley of their hit singles which are even more appealing per- formed live. And when they encored at the end of he show with another chorus of "Sunshine," it proved a filling closer.

Warner Bros, recording star Turley Richards opened the first half of the concert and Der Wein Von Mykonos - EAV (Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung) - 100 Jahre EAV.Ihr Habt Es So Gewoll little to prepare the audience for the excitement to follow.

Vinton drew heavily on his steady list of Epic Records hits, including the current "My Elusive Dreams" and also sang other top-flight material, such as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. A high point was Vinton's acknowledg- ing of the track's use before re- peating the last chorus. Of his old numbers his "Mr. I onely," probably Ihe strongest number of the show, was powerful and still moving.

A medley of songs in foreign languages was an- other big point as was "Mama Don't Know," in which he played clarinel, organ, saxophone and trumpet. Vinton's amiable manner in talking lo Ihe audience helped contribute to the good spirits in Ihe club during his performance.

The show was opened by come- dian Sandy Baron. The first show was clearly superior Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park the second, which was drowned in the ocean of free verse by singer J im Morrison. The group, featuring Robbie Kreiger on guitar, Turn Up The Night - Black Sabbath - Mob Rules Manzarke on or- gan, and John Densmorc on drums, also did several numbers from its new album, "Morrison Hotel.

Al- though fine instrumentally, espe- cially Densmore, Morrison fre- quently got caught up in his own lyrics, mixing lines from different songs, and generally confusing everyone. The concert closed, ap- propriately, Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park "The End," fea- turing a strong solo by Manzarke. The group, now on Bell Records, gives all five members opportunities to shine.

Included are Ixnny Laks, a fine lead vocalist; Steven Mar- goshes, a flashy, intense pianist; and Ruth Underwood, a surpris- ingly solid drummer. Completing Ihe quintet are two other highly capable musicians, guitarist Ron- nie Scldin and bass guitarist Alan Cooper. Some of the besl numbers were from the unit's new Bell album, including its title song, "Ain't Got No More.

Seldin also joined in vo- cally. During the set, Laks played saxophone and trumpet. The show opened with a good set by Glenn Leopold, an improving young folk singer with good original material.

Miss GilbertoN slyle and repcr- loire have not changed much over the years, but she remains a con- sistently good entertainer wilh the knack of personalizing a song in such a way that every male in the audience gets the feeling she is singing especially for him.

Goody Good Produc- tions, set a new record in had performances here last week. The group arrived nearly five hours late for their Constitution Hall appearance, gave the fans scarcely more than 30 minutes of playing. As a result of the general mismanagement and oversell of tickets, when some 3.

X00 of the audience crammed the hall, the doors were closed on hundreds who milled around outside, many holding tickets. A number of ar- rests were made by the more than 80 policemen called 10 quiet things down. As a result, the DAR-owned Constitution Hall may hence- forth be closed to rock concerts — an unfortunate backward step for the staid Capital, which had moved a long way when it per- mitted rock groups to play in the hallowed Constitution Hall.

Two prospective February and March concerts by rock groups and stars have reportedly al- ready been cancelled. Another Day - Schadel - Schadel No.1 will be the firm's president, while Desmond and Gelardi will carry the title of vice president. The NPM will operate, at the start, out of three key mar- kets — Chicago, Detroit and At- lanta — to service accounts on the radio, television, Aquel Que Habia Muerto - Vico-C* - Aquel Que Habia Muerto, rack, one-stop and distribution levels.

Knodle will work out of Chi- cago, Gelardi will handle the Detroit market, and Desmond will take over Atlanta after closing out his affairs in St. Before forming NPM, Knodle had been district promo- tion manager Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park Capitol Rec- ords in Chicago for Gloria Estefan - How Long Has This Been Going On years; Gelardi had been district pro- motion manager for Capitol in Detroit for 13 years, and Des- mond had been with Heilicher Brothers in Minneapolis for five years and assistant general man- ager of Commercial Music in St.

Louis for the past year. Crashers and seat-snatchers made it impossible for anyone to leave his seat, and manage- ment made no attempt to straighten things out, beyond ordering everyone to stay in the Hall, or forfeit his right to come back in. What aggravated even the dev- otees of the Sly group was a report that their plane was ac- tually not even scheduled Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park leave New York until well after the 7 p.

Further delays compounded the lateness. The experience is becoming so common, the oversell and the delays by artists and manage- ments so callously repeated, that the observers here marvelled that the rock audience patience lasts so long under the abuse.

But a fair number of the dis- illusioned Washington audience were heard to say they'd had it with live rock concerts by groups and stars who deliber- ately foster suspense by show- ing up hours late, then give a short performance and take a fast walk off the stage. Demands by some to get Spellbound (R+C Remix) - Rae & Christian - Spellbound money back when 1 1 and p.

Representa- tives of the Goody Good New York productions firm, who sponsored the concert, report- edly refused to refund money or give any reason for the re- fusal.

He leaves March K for England, where he'll take part in a series of press meetings and TV dates in conjunction with the release of "Jean," under a new deal Crewe signed with Pye Records. The personal management firm will be known as STA. Jerry Bruno. He will also cut "Jean" in Italian, French and German. He then flies to Australia, where he'll tour from March 23 lo April 7. Concerts in Japan are also in negotia- tion to follow directly after the Australian dates.

The winning girl con- testant, who will be given the title of the Spanish personifi- cation of "Jean," will be flown here for a round of promotional events, as the guest of Oliver and Crewe Records. The tour covers Baltimore. Louis, Kansas City, Houston, Ft. Worth, Dallas, and his home- town of Detroit. Swift's first Decca album will be released shortly.

Issue date: April 18th. Advertising deadline: Thursday, March 20th, To reserve your space, contact your nearest Billboard office today! After the performance the Funkadelic surround Marv Schlachter, front row, third from left, president of Janus, and Armen Botadian, far right, head of Westbound Records.

The group's first album, "Funkadelic," has been released on the Westbound label, which will be distributed by Janus. Pearl Records is located in Park Hills. Castle estimated his loss alone at El Fin De La Infancia - Cafe Tacuba - Re, 1 The Cowsills were in for a con- Dear Dead Days - The Chameleons - Here Today.

Gone Tomorrow / Live In Toronto (All Media, Album) at Music Hall Sunday Judy Collins stops off for a single date at Music Hall here in March.

Jim TarheN's Ludlow Garage, local progressive rock nitery. Wilbur I. Spot has been drawing good crowds, with a S3. Fisher used the Taft Broadcasting facilities here last Wednesday 18 to produce a pilot on a new show of interest to women, featuring Jani Gardner, local author Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park newspaper wom- an. Planned is a five-day-a-wcek.

Reeves was executive producer of the syndicated Dennis Wholey TV-cr which recently went off the air. Scholl was forced to quit his showbiz career several years ago when he suffered three strokes over a two-year period. Pat Paulsen has been signed by Mobil Oil Co. The contract runs through Cotillion's Ronnie Hawkins re- turns to Canada during a month of globe-trotting to promote his new album.

Thurs- day Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Blue Note's Elvin Jones makes his film debul in "Zacharia. Jones replaces Blind Faith's Ginger Baker, who with- drew because of illness.

Ilth St. Steve Tudanger has signed with Pineywood Pro- ductions, Ltd. Joe Lauer and his wife have become par- ents of a girl, Suzanne, born at University Hospital.

Jub ; 'ee's Happen- ings have recorded "Maureen" for the soundtrack of Allied Artists' "Paddy," a film which will pre- miere in New York next month. Slated for Sunday I are Warner Bros. Elektra's Holy Modal Rounders have written ihe original score for the play "Operation Sidewinder," which will be presented by Alvin Ferieger.

The group also will per- form their score in the show, which opens March 1 2 at the Vivian Beaumont Theater. Atco has original cast rights to the Carmen Capalbo production. He lays it on heavy with his first new single for Steed Records. Do your thing with an AKG. Halle- lujah is working exclusively with rock and pop groups and is constantly increasing its ros- ter of high quality acts. General manager Bobby Smith pointed out that the agency now has 15 exclusive acts, 17 non-exclu- sive and between 45 and 50 as- sociated acts.

The police commission now has the author- ity to require the posting of a bond to cover estimated addi- tional costs of staging an out- door musical event, plus liability insurance for any En Avion - Les Kanto* - Serais-Tu Un De Mes Amis? neigh- borhood damage.

Smith Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park "We saw the great potential of Nashville becoming a major pop center as well as being the country music capital of the world. At the time we began operations, there was really no one working with the young groups in the area, so we de- cided to do something about it. As an example, we had 26 groups working Feb.

Now we are in the process of ne- gotiating recording contracts for some of our top acts and hope to help all of our people achieve the highest amount of success possible. Smith also said that he is always looking for new acts and has incorporated facilities into his office space for auditioning purposes.

His office is located at Bell Grimes Lane in Nashville. Padam-Padam - Various - Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 50 York Ambergris, a potentially interest- ing nine-man rock group with a Paramount Records LP soon to be released, was a bit overwhelming in the small club setting of the Bitter End on Feb.

L Four brasses and a violent drum tended to drown out the more interesting things going on with the rest of the group, particularly Billy Shay's lead guitar. The group only began to look as if they were enjoying themselves toward the end of their set, with their beautiful "Sunday Lady. Seibel's masterful songwriting is simple without being elementary, and complex without being clut- tered. His songs use the country idiom but are not dependent on it.

The first group. Mason Proffit, also played a good set. Despite help from super side- man Eric Clapton, the audience was listless, obviously waiting to be impressed by the group. The only spark of life came during Clapton's song, "l Don't Know Why," featuring a fine guitar solo by the former member of Cream.

The audience responded toward the end during "Coming Home," the group's single on Atco Rec- Santana - One Chain (Dont Make No Prison), and a medley of rock and roll tunes from the I's.

Mason Liquid Love (Tongue Of God Remix) - Above & Beyond - Tri-State Remixed opened the show with n fine blend of country and rock music. With a sound similar to the Byrds, but more hard, it took the crowd on a country trip, featuring pedal steel guitar and electric banjo. Mason Proffifs fi- nal number was a rousing country tune similar to the music from "Bonnie and Clyde.

The con- cert was sponsored by 22nd Cen- tury Productions. John Sage. Yarbrough, who planned to retire inhas rescheduled his booking and intends to perform until the school's goals are met and the school is self-sufficient. Proceeds from his Warner Bros, albums will Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park help in the financing of Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park school. The WGJB is currently at the Grill with the addition of trombonist Kai Winding to the group, playing their familiar middle-period, danceable brand of jazz on standards and cur- rent chart material.

New York exposure for the Project 3 Records group has also led to increased bookings, including a recent Las Vegas engagement that proved success- ful. Intermission group at the Grill is a Radio - Pierre Henry - La Ville.

Die Stadt (Metropolis Paris) put together quar- tet co-fronted by Toots Thiel- mun on harmonica and guitar, and Dick Hyman on various keyboards. This follows the Gib- son policy of using something more than just elevator music during the intervals. When the WGJB exit the room to fulfill other commit- ments, Gibson will continue to place another similarly styled band in their place. Again the reception given the Roy El- dridge-Eddic Condon band last month proved encouraging.

Another sign of the rebirth of this kind of jazz — essentially from the thirties and forties — is the opening of Sunday night sessions at Uncle John's Straw Hat.

Some of the most popular songs of the 's were re- vived as Frankie Valli, the Sea- sons' lead singer, went through such mellow songs as "Dawn" and "Sherri," during the con- cert. Sha Na Na, Frost. There will be two shows each day Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon and eve- ning presented by Gurland- Kaufman International Ltd. Pro- ceeds will help Coalition Ven- ture to provide advertising and promotional services to Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park businesses in ghetto areas at cost to the owners.

The agency will be called Ad Venture. Harper Starts U. Tour on W. Harper is the first Harvest artist to tour the U. Harvest, a new Brit- ish-based label, is distributed here by Capitol. Harper follows his Los An- geles debut with dates in New York and other cities. Beethoven," and some of his latest modern country mu- sic including "One Minute Past Eternity. Starting time is twelve noon until dusk with biggest talent possible and at the lowest prices evtr.

Holland London. Holland BELL. Term BELL. Prevdent Libert y. Intl New Yotk. H dappeii a, Co. E n gland COOK. Copyright Olv. Section ol Patents. England NESS. Ltd London. England RIPP. President Acufl Hose Nashville. Check is enclosed for all registrants.

KEN C President. E nglanri WOOD. It involves the world's top executives from every facet of music business: record companies, publishers, producers, personal managers, law firms, music societies and associations, artists, fes- tival managers, record- ing studios. The program concerns the manage- ment, marketing, finan- cial legal and creative subjects that are of pressing interest to our industry.

Your Name and Title The Kiss Of Dawn - HIM - The Kiss Of Dawn Full Address. Fee includes attendance Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park all sessions, work materials. It does not include hotel accommodations.

Please make your check payable to the International Music I ndustry Conference. Check must accompany your registration. Additional names can be sent in a separate letter.

Acknowledgements and information on hotels and transportation will be sent to each individual who is registered. And WIXY's program di- rector Bill Sherard is not only checking out albums sales, but surveying stores on cassette and cartridge sales on the basis that young adults are a major mar- ket for them and these arc the hard core of Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park audience.

Several other radio stations are deeply involved in album cuts as programming material; the pioneer station in this as- pect would be WMEX in Boston where programmer Dick Sum- mer obtains about per- cent of his programming from albums. A in Los Angeles had been very heavy into al- bums, but backed off with the departure of program director Doug Cox. Miami, Ft. Mike Zhicr and Brian Halgren are among the initial air personalities signed by the station. It's new image will be "mother. McMurray will be strongly involved in the mu- sic aspects of the station.

He stressed that the station would be the real thing — "no hype. The station goes to watts at night with a non- directional signal. Program di- rector is Bryan Halter. Further details on the programming change were not known at press time. The station is also ac- cused of violating the Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park rule of providing an automobile drawing for paying customers at the dances promoted by the sta- tion.

The station logs did not identify the sponsors who paid for the an- nouncements. FCC investigation found that the payment for the deejay "In-Man" was disguised as a fee for his personal appearance at a dance advertised on the station calendar. But fees for personal appearances of deejays at dances not promoted on the calendar were much smaller. Dance promoters told FCC they understood that payment of the larger fee was a "prerequisite to being mentioned on the Dance Calendar.

The Commission said it was taking into account the untimely death of Wm. WIXY has four to five albums on its play list and Sher- ard said cuts from these albums are played just like hit singles — all day long. Sherard said. We don't ordinarily play just the cuts that were Mamba Noir - MBlu Et Moi - Precious Spirit hits.

First, we find out what albums are selling — and this is still a difficult situation. Because of the growing sales of cassettes and cartridges. WIXY is checking stores that sell them. We spend half an hour or so, learning about what each of these businesses han- dles so we can better evaluate our telephone calls for our singles survey each week. Slowly, but surely, in many markets good facilities are com- ing along in new country music formats and busting the hold of small-wattage or daytime only Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park .

Only in a few markets have daytime stations or small wattage stations been able to hold their own against the big- ger newcomers. But here in Detroit, two hour AM stations arc now wag- ing war against each other. On one side, the more traditional station — WEXL — which believes it has established a strong listen- ing habit in Detroit.

On the other. WDEE the former WJBK, a rock station before it switched is perhaps a little more expansive in its approach and willing to play popular, though country-oriented, records in its format.

From left, Stu Cooke. The break- fast Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park which was at- tended by more than broad- casters last year, will be held April 6 in the morning at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. The panel of speakers will include Herman Finkelstein. Milton Herson. Admission is by invitation only and on a first-come-first served basis by writing Mark Century Corp.

New York. But WEXL. As far back asthis station has a 'Sage- brush Melodies' program fea- turing country music. We'll also be sponsor- ing our own concerts. We'll swamp them out in promotions and the quality of our person- alities.

It's more than just beating another country music station. We don't think our audience on WDEE will come Top 40 and middle- of-the-road stations as well as the potential country music fans in Detroit.

But WDEE will not be zeroing in on strictly a coun- try music audience. WEXL is not doing anything different, said Mann. That's one of the problems that WDEE has had over the years.

The past six months, under the call letters of WJBK, they were a rock station. For the eight or nine months before that, they were playing good music.

One thing I can't under- stand is why they don't stay with any particular format long. But I do think that their going country music is good for coun- try music business. It might wake up agencies to the fact that country music is important, considering that two stations are fighting for the audience. Mann said that the for- mat has been tightened up some. And the psychology of having competition has-been good for the WEXL air personalities.

The station checks out singles sales to some extent. And even those that do carry country mu- sic singles don't have all of the records. Al- ready, we're presenting it on the air. But we're working with a playlist that includes up to records.

During this half-hour, he takes requests and chats with listeners. He's free to insert these requests into his program the next day. Besides the singles, WDEE airs between cur- rent and recent album cuts. The major 40 records, of course, gets more-frequently played. Pro- duction of the sound of the sta- tion is something between an easy listening and a contem- porary approach, said Renwick.

The deejays have now began to pull their own records, although for the first five or six weeks the station was on the air with its country music format, all of the records were slated Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park them. Renwick said that all of the deejays had done a "lot of homework" about country mu- sic.

Now, they do their own Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park within certain guidelines. These guidelines Big Girls Dont Cry - Cimarons* - Big Girls Dont Cry pacing in terms of tempo and a mix- ture between modern sounds like those of a Glen Campbell and traditional country sounds like those of a Stonewall Jack- son or Faron Young.

To put a balanced sound hour together at WDEE, the deejay would play two or three of the modern-sounding records, then a Wanda Jackson; then two or three more of the modern-sound- ing records and a Faron Young. Album cuts are used to pick up the pace Then there are guide- lines to put a separation be- tween records that have the same kind of stories. For ex- ample, Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park keep a song about Carolina from being back-to- back with a song about Okla- homa.

Those half-hours that the deejay spends on the phone after his show gives us a pulse of who's switching from other stations to us and how many of them are hardcore country music fans.

LeRoy Van Dyke and his band performed. Other coun- try artists on hand to spread the word about country music included Jeannie C. Riley, Lynda K. Lance, Nat Stuckey, Tom T. Hall, and Hank Williams Jr. Jimmy Martin won't get exposed that much, nor the harder bluegrass sounds of the Osborne Brothers and Flat! The truth is that there's just not that much pure bluegrass being put out today. Of course, listeners around Detroit have never had anything with which to compare us.

The com- petition might pick up some lis- teners, but I think we'll keep the vast majority of them. And I don't think they'll pick up lis- teners from other formats be- cause the other stations in De- troit — the Top 40 and the easy listening stations — are playing Glen Campbell and Eddy Arn- old.

This pack- age is aired 6 a. Billboard magazine will have a suite there — Rooms I'd like to invite everyone attending the convention and everyone within range to drop by. Scott Ross, former assistant music director at WINS in New York back in the days when it was a rocker, is now host of a syndicated semirock.

Program director Bill Martin said that an automa- tion system had been designed by Lloyd Smith, director of en- gineering for the RAU Radio Station chain, that allowed ex- treme flexibility in program- ming. And, in announc- ing the records, we let the mis- takes or flubs stay in to give the station a live sound," Mar- tin said.

There's only about one-and-a-half seconds be- tween records. In order to give listeners in the area something Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park in programming, the station puts on new nurd-sound- ing records as soon as they come in and slates them three times a day, trying to help build local sales for the records.

From a. The station is on the air 18 hours a day. The station plays a lot or progressive rock. Altoona, Pa. Sunday through Saturday with an KNBR is next with a 7. And surprise! Dave once worked with Robin Walker some- where, so he knew that the only thing Walker had in common with Tom Clay was that they were both Jack the Bellboy Hender- son, incidentally, is going back to radio. Biggest Happenings, and Biggest Leftfield Happenings.

WICB, Ithaca. Joplin, Mo. Still well reporting; BP: "Some- thing's Burning. DeKalb, III. Goode," Johnny Winter, Colum- bia. Pittston-Wilkes- Barre. Wa- terbury. WBEC, Pittsfield. Winston-Salem, N. Part I. Reprise; BH: "Whendegal the War- lock. West Long Branch, Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park . Dunhill; BH: "Oh Well. Re- prise. RCA: BH: " Stills, Nash. Young and Reeves, Atlantic. Newton, Mass. Spring- field. Andy Williams, Columbia.

WSB, Atlanta, Ga. Bay City, Mich. Ran- dor; BH: "Easy Come. Easy Go," Bobby Sherman. Buffalo, N. Jacksonville, Lowery reporting: BP: "Instant Karma. WSPR, Springfield. Deed Meyer working on "Cheerios" for Dancer. Stanley Kahan, of Sherman- Kahan Assocs. Music was recorded at Aura Recording. Volvo a local radio spot.

Done for Van Leeuwen Advertising, Inc. Writer and arranger was Ellen Starr. It became the Classics and specialized in cover versions, mostly of Top 40 hits. Around the same time, a Brooklyn group called the Classics had a single on the charts and fought vigorously for the name. So Mr. By this time, Mr. Yost had stopped playing the drums and just sang.

Buie and Mr. Cobb later wrote lyrics. The song was popular on a Louisville radio station, then became a national hit in the winter of In Yost began performing solely Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park his own name, and eventually he lost the rights to the Classics IV name. In Yost underwent successful throat surgery for a condition that had severely impaired his singing voice. He also won a trademark dispute which gave him exclusive rights to the name The Classics IV for both performing and recording purposes.

On July 11,Yost fell down a flight of stairs and suffered serious brain trauma. To assist Yost and his wife with their medical bills, a benefit concert was held on March 25,at Rhino's Live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many musical entertainers and some Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park guests from the s through the s performed some of their biggest chart-topping hits in tribute to Yost. The concert did not significantly benefit Yost or his wife financially, as was hoped; expenses far exceeded the money raised, leaving the event in the red.

However, it was a huge boost for Yost to visit with so many old friends. The plan was for Yost to make a few yearly "special appearances", and gradually have Garrett take over as the leader of the band.

However, Yost was able to perform with them for only one appearance in Garrett and Yost worked closely together to develop the current lineup. Yost would listen to the band on recorded CDs, and during that time Garrett and Yost became close friends. Yost died at the age of 65 from respiratory failure on December 7,the 40th anniversary of the entrance of " Stormy " into the Hot 's top From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these Moustique Suite - Juliet Quinn - Électro-Cut Up Mon Cul on the talk page.

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Maggies Samba - Cliff Richard And The Shadows* - Established 1958, True North - Spiraleye - Ramelion, Arm The Insane - Virus, Rolling Stones* - Steel Wheels, Dick Chicken - Mink Engine - Gastronomical, Aura (50) - The Puppet, Inside Out - Odyssey - Greatest Hits, Mamba Noir - MBlu Et Moi - Precious Spirit, Gonna Get You Back - Thomas McClary - Thomas McClary, 海市蜃楼 = Mirage* - 海市蜃楼 = Mirage - Progressive Rock, Riding On An Arrow - Axel Rudi Pell - Tales Of The Crown, Bring Me Joy - Various - Hed Kandi: Miami, Che Bello Che Bello (Rimanere Bambini) (Cantatelo Voi!) - Asia D. - Baby Hit / Che Bello Che Bello (


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    However, Yost was able to perform with them for only one appearance in Garrett and Yost worked closely together to develop the current lineup. He chose Garrett to help him keep the Classics IV music going in the Classics IV tradition. Yost would listen to the band on recorded CDs, and during that time Garrett and Yost became close hehrtt.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo: Soft rock, rock, blue-eyed soul.
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    Dec 29,  · Where Did All The Good Times Go ~Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Duration: Ammy 7, views. Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park - .
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    software All software latest This Just In Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical Software Classic PC Games Software Library. Internet Arcade. Top Kodi Archive and Support File Community Software MS-DOS Vintage Software APK CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Full text of "Billboard".
  5. Shakaktilar

    Lyrics to Cherryhill Park by Classics IV from the The Best of Dennis Yost & the Classics IV album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! (In Cherry Hill Park.) (Cherry Hill Park.) Then one day Mary Hill, She married away. A man with ah-money said, Come on, honey, and she said, OK. She went away to play a one-man game.
  6. Kazrajin

    Cherryhill Park () by Dennis Yost and Classics IV is a cover of Cherry Hill Park by Billy Joe Royal ().
  7. Kazrazragore

    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Cherry Hill Park on Discogs. Label: United Artists Records - • Format: Vinyl 7 Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Cherry Hill Park .
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    This is the only officially authorized website of The Classics IV. ®The Classics IV is a registered trademark, exclusively held, owned and licensed by Dennis & Linda Yost.

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